Only people who are selling information about how to be an Internet Marketer are making money online!

I can’t tell you the number of times I have heard this statement from someone who downloads a free report, buys an information product or enrolls in some type of a mentoring course. They get the information, try a few little things, get sidetracked or bored and then move on to something else claiming the information can’t work for them. It can only work for those who sell Internet Marketing information.

Insanity STOP the insanity. This is not true.

Truth be told, there are lots of people who try their hand at selling “how to make money on the  Internet” products and services who have never made more than a few dollars at it before they give up and claim anyone who does make money this way is simply lucky.

Give me a break! The reason they didn’t make money is they expected results with little effort in an unreasonable amount of time.

Making money at anything, in any industry takes effort. The sooner people realize there is no such thing as a get-rich-quick formula the better off they will be. It also takes a focused and organized effort.

On the flip side, there are plenty of people making a living and getting their message out to the world via Internet marketing strategies and systems who market and sell a wide variety of products and services in virtually every industry. Industries that are not even remotely connected to Internet marketing.

These people would no more want to be the next Internet marketing guru than fly to the moon. They have very specific areas of interests and expertise AND they are smart enough to find the tools to help them get their message out to their market .

Here are just a few examples.

Raw food expertFrederic Patenaude.actually bought this guys program because of his “systems”. He has the process down to a science and makes money at it.

A while back I was researching raw food eating and Frederic’s site came up again and again. Because I was able to access some great information easily and it is quality information, it was not a huge stretch for me to press the “buy” button for a $97 package – most of which are eBooks and MP3 files.  

Because of his systems (which included knowing his market and what they respond to) I was eager to make the purchase. Compare this to the fact I did come across other raw food sites, but due to the lack of theme, targeted message and overall amateurish look, I didn’t spend any money on those sites.

And who’s to say that the others don’t have great information. What they didn’t have was an appeal to me, the buyer. Frederic did and continues to.

Teen Suicide a Message Getting Out on the Internet
Bullycide in America –  Brenda, the woman who began this site, has been consistent in what she is doing to get her message out about bullying and teen suicide. She has experienced a great deal of success achieving her outcome with effective systems.  Her drive is a result of having lost her own son to suicide, not by how much money she is going to make.

Is her message getting out? You bet it is. Because of the visibility she continues to get more and more people are becoming aware of the link between bullying and youth suicide. Brenda doesn’t spend her time saying, “This won’t work for me.” Rather, she learns something and then applies it. Simple as that. She does so as if the life of others depend on it, because they do.

Dog owners need information too  A quick web search brought up this page in the first 3 postings on the main Google page.  Notice the number of ebooks this expert has available as well as podcasts, the forum, an affiliate program, and much more. He has the system down.

 Is this guy making money selling “how to make money on the Internet” programs?  Not at all. He is providing valuable information to his market about dog training by using Internet marketing systems.

The Internet marketing systems can and do work
The fact is, making money with the Internet is doable and feasible for virtually any industry. However, there is work involved – and lots of it.

I was prompted to write this post when I got yet one more message from someone who claims the only people who make money on the Internet are the ones selling Internet marketing information. Again, it takes more than simply buying an eBook or taking a course and “getting it” through osmosis.

You need to know that trying one or two things, not having a plan, not being consistent in your approach is likely to lead to frustration and crying, “The only people who make money on the Internet net are those who are selling How to Make Money on the Internet products and services.”

It’s more likely there are people making money with the Internet marketing systems by marketing and selling something that has nothing at all to do with Internet marketing. The difference between them and those that aren’t making money could likely be that they are using the information they learned. Are you?

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