Day 15 – You may not always feel like it, but you’ll be glad you did it.

If we wait until we “feel” like doing many things we know we need to do, we may likely never get around to whatever it is we would benefit from doing.

This can apply to eating, exercise, drinking water or meditation. There’s more, but these are some of the obvious.

Just this morning, I didn’t feel very inspired to meet up with my weight training trainer. Usually, I am really excited to meet with him, but for some reason, today I was not.

Yet, I did what I was taught many years ago; suit up, show up and do the next indicated step.

The result? A great workout. Had I not taken the initiative to follow through on my commitment to meet up with Kristian, I would have missed a great experience.

Whatever you say you want to achieve, you must be prepared for the personal blocks, such as lack of motivation, that show up.

Stay the Course

Success takes effort. Staying motivated to achieve your goals can be tough even under the best of circumstances. Add to that the stress from all that is occurring in the world and it seems at times, the best thing to do is stay in bed, pull the covers over our heads and wait for things to get better.

What you’ll find in saying, “I’ll skip it just this one time,” can sometimes be just what you need where other times, it’s the beginning of a behavior that will not serve you.

One of the most important things you can do is determine what is and what is not negotiable. If you say, “It’s not negotiable for me to eat processed sugar,” then you know when someone offers you a donut, a no is the best answer. Simple.

It’s very simple

Living our best life is achievable. It’s actually quite simple, but not always easy. This is why many people falter. The confuse simple with easy.

Keep your goals in mind and commit to the life you want. You deserve it.

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