The last 2 ½ months have been incredible. In May of this year I committed to participate in the Portland Marathon as a power walker. I also committed to raising funds for the Lymphoma & Leukemia Society through a group call Team in Training (TNT). TNT is a program that trains people on the proper way to prepare for a marathon including nutrition, injury prevention, clothing and physical conditioning.
Both my training and fundraising are going amazingly well. Regarding the fundraising, I committed to raise $1,800 and am over 75% of the way there with 2 months to go before the big race. It sure feels great to have all the amazing support from friends, colleagues, clients and family in my fund raising efforts.

A special thanks to my two special friends and colleagues, Lorraine Cohen and Denise Wakeman who helped me raise several hundred dollars with one teleseminar.
You can still enjoy the teleseminar on Transformation Goals that we hosted by visiting
Without the continued support from everyone I couldn’t do this. I am still welcoming donations for my efforts. The money goes to research and patient services for people with blood cancers.
The other part of the process has been most amazing. This morning I went to my doctor for my yearly exam. Admittedly, for a few years I wasn’t real excited to visit my doc because I knew what she would tell me.

Today, to say that she was ecstatic with my stats is an understatement. She had a nonstop grin and told me more than once what a great job I have done in getting my health in great shape.
I can only imagine how good it feels to a doctor when someone’s health improves rather than declines.
The best part of all is I had a hand in all of this. Here’s what happened as a result of my marathon training. I have dropped over 25 pounds of excess weight (okay, fat), toned up more than I have in years, have boundless energy and feel fabulous. I am even more focused in my business and get more done in less time allowing for more leisure time with my family.
When I started the process I didn’t set a “pounds lost” goal. Rather, I set a goal moving as close to optimum health as I can.
As my doctor went through my weight, blood pressure, heart rate and other important stats I couldn’t help but think that this experience is similar to what someone goes through in growing their business. The fact is, when you have a vision, develop a plan, take action on a daily basis and keep a high level of commitment, amazing things will happen.
In business there are plenty of opportunities to make decisions that move us further away from our desired outcome rather than closer to it. However, it is in the day by day actions we take that even small actions equate to what seem to be huge accomplishments (and they are).
It is the same with the marathon training. I remember the first day of training back in May. Myself and my training buddy, Kim, slowly walked one mile. We were both exhausted when we got back to our coach. I made a commitment right there and then to stick with the process no matter what.
This past Saturday Kim and I went 12 miles without missing a beat. Although we did this with relative ease there is no way we could have done this back in mid-May. We had to do something every single day that got us closer to the big goal of completing 26.2 miles in our respective marathons. Kim is doing the Nike Women’s in San Francisco and I am doing the Portland marathon.
Not only did I have to add something to my daily routine, I also had to make some choices around what I would eliminate. I chose to let go of certain foods that drain my energy; coffee, processed sugar, most dairy products, sodas, and most breads. I replaced the unhealthy choices with very healthy choices. What an amazing difference this made.
Has the process been a bed of roses? Most days it’s been good; sometimes great. However, there have been days I’ve thought, “Wow, this is quite the commitment. What was I thinking? But you’re going to do this no matter what.”
There have been a few times I really didn’t want to go out and power walk miles upon miles, or ride my bicycle 5 – 10 miles at a stretch, do strength training or core training. But I knew if I didn’t I would fall behind. There were times that piece of cake for dessert at a fine restaurant sure seemed appealing. But the thought of giving up on my dream and letting a ton of people down was more painful than not having the cake.
The fact is, it is in the moment by moment choices we make we either create our success or create our failure. Simple as that. Cake or vision. Television or walk. Sleep in or fundraise.
It’s the same with business. Lots of people say they will do anything (within their value system) to succeed at business, but for some reason things aren’t working. For many their first response is, “It’s the economy.”
Not so fast Bucko! Take a look at your thoughts, words and actions. Take an honest inventory of how you’re using your time during your workday. Are you being as productive as you can or are you using valuable work hours having long conversations with people that can be saved for the evening hours?
Are you taking action on a daily basis to monetize your business? Are you marketing on a regular basis? Are you honestly doing all you can to stay on target and on track with your goals?
I often hear from people who are struggling, “Well, I’m not always inspired to do what needs to be done.”
To that I say, “So what! You may not always be inspired every minute of every day. Sometimes you just have to buckle down and do what needs to be done.”
What do you really want; a successful business or one that you can use as a reason to complain about the economy?
Now I’m not saying for some people the economy has not impacted your business, but the fact is, if it has, what are you doing day in and day out to reorganize what you do and to recreate yourself to be more valuable and more in demand?
As I was talking with my doctor today she said, “You know, you have really taken responsibility for your life. You have substantially lowered your chances of heart disease, stroke and other health problems.”
Sure, I could have kept going like I was and then if something happened said, “Well, what do you expect? I’m middle aged and at more of a risk.”
That’s like saying, “I can’t succeed in business right now because the economy is in the tank!”
Answer me this, “Why are some people watching their business grow during these amazing times?” I would venture to say they have consciously chosen to take different action and eliminate those activities that are a waste of time, money and energy.
Will everyone agree with what I wrote in this article? Absolutely not! I didn’t write this to get people’s approval. I wrote it because it is my reality and in my reality my health has improved as has my business by the choices I make on a daily basis.
What are the choices you are making?
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