The world of business has changed… dramatically!

More every day, men and women desire to do meaningful work that allows them to merge their passion for a compassionate life with the work they do. They want more than a job. They crave a mission-driven career.

This is very evident within the vegan and plant-based industry. With the growth of virtually every aspect of this industry, the timing has never been better for those looking for jobs, careers, internships, and volunteer opportunities to do all they can to find a great match for their skills, passion, and expertise.



Yet, many people have no idea where to start. Enter Passion Placement. A virtual job placement agency, Passion Placement is the brainchild of Bonnie Brown and Paul Turcotte.

Passion Placement is an employment platform focused on connecting people with mission-driven organizations doing work that matters to them. They curate every job that they post to make sure member companies are in support of sustainable living, animal advocacy or creating alternatives to animal-based products.

Bonnie and Paul came to the vegan and plant-based lifestyle for unique reasons.

Bonnie had an early connection to the animals, finding it impossible to follow the traditional path of a carnivore.

Paul first came to the plant-based lifestyle due to health issues and being 70 pounds overweight. He came for his health and stayed for the animals.

Passion Placement evolved out of Bonnie’s frustration during her own job search many years ago to land a job with an organization aligned with her values around being vegan.



“Finding something was like searching for a needle in a haystack,” she recalls. Her own experience was the catalyst for launching Passion Placement.

Between her financial background and Paul’s background in sales and marketing, they knew the time was perfect for starting Passion Placement.

Wanting to create an environment where candidates can find opportunities with companies committed to the essence of the vegan and plant-based mission, Bonnie and Paul bent over backwards to achieve this end.

Although there are companies like Tyson and McDonald’s jumping into the plant-based arena, these are not the type of companies you will find on their platform.


Over 500 Job Listings


According to many experts, there are over 14,000,000 job listings on LinkedIn. Some figures are as high as 20,000,000. How does one wade through the massive number of listings? Especially if they are seeking something aligned with their values of compassionate living. Enter Passion Placement.

Currently, there are more than 500 listings ranging from manufacturers, restaurants, suppliers, technology and more. Regardless of one’s skill set and experience, if you are seeking opportunities in the plant-based/vegan industry, Passion Placement is the best place to start (and end) your search.

Although a much, much smaller pool to select from, it is, hands down, the most niched placement site for the vegan/plant-based market and job seeker.

Job seekers can create a profile and post their resume on the platform absolutely free. Go to

Companies can create a free listing for a week and then choose between the many levels of membership based on how many positions they want to post and for how long. However, as previously mentioned, they do evaluate each listing to assure the company is aligned with the plant-based/vegan mission that goes beyond revenues.

Other services offered through Passion Placement include one-on-one coaching and resume support. Future plans include job search training webinars and virtual career fairs.

“We have a lot of growth potential and are very excited about what is coming,” Bonnie states.

The greatest amount of coaching they do is with people who want to transition from jobs they have no passion for into a mission-based career.


Customize Your Search (and resume)


“One of the biggest mistakes we see people make is they don’t customize their resume for the position they want. We recommend people tailor their resume and cover letter for the specific company they want to work with. This is something Bonnie is very skilled at helping people with,” Paul says.

Both Paul and Bonnie recommend that people take a step back and really think about what they want their career to look like. Write down the mission, vision and values for the company you want to join. Determine the position that is going to make you happy and then start your search.

With remote jobs on the rise, there is incredible opportunity for virtually anyone who is seeking a career move into the plant-based/vegan industry.

To find out what’s available and post your resume on the Passion Placement platform, visit

For companies, what better than a platform dedicated to matching job seekers with mission driven organizations?

Regardless of whether you are looking for a new job, a career change or ready to list an open position, Passion Placement is the place to be.


About Bonnie and Paul


Bonnie Brown grew up on a small family farm in Massachusetts where she developed her love and empathy for animals. She obtained a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy from Bentley College and soon after became licensed as a Certified Public Account (CPA). Later she earned a Master of Science in Computer Information Systems from Boston University.

Bonnie became a vegetarian as a teenager and vegan years later, for the animals. In her efforts to better apply her skills to her passion and change the world, she identified the need for a job board with resources to help those so inclined to follow their heart into their work, paid or volunteer, where the mission of an organization connects with their passion. Thus Passion Placement was born.

Bonnie is a business executive, CPA and entrepreneur with extensive US and global experience in finance, raising funds in both private and public markets, SEC reporting, taxes and leadership.

Paul Turcotte is an entrepreneur with a wide variety of experience. Prior to his career in real estate, he was involved in marketing, advertising and sales for a number of ventures. He came to Boston to study music at Boston Conservatory and later became Director of the New England Bartender’s School. This led to a Boston restaurant partnership, and ultimately into real estate sales.

Paul became a Real Estate Broker and opened RE/MAX Destiny in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1999. He built, managed and sold this successful brokerage company of over twenty years.

In 2013 Paul was inspired to take charge of his health and ultimately adopted a plant based diet. He and Bonnie married in 2017 and decided to combine talents to create a vehicle that would make it easier for people to connect their passion with organizations that share similar missions.

Bonnie and Paul live on the coast of Massachusetts with their two cats, Lily and Carrie.

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