Long before people knew how to pronounce the word vegan, Paul Shapiro was inspired to not consume animal or dairy. His decision was based on being compassionate to animals.




Although Paul didn’t have anywhere near the knowledge he has today, he knew the animals were not being treated well. This was when the seeds of activism were planted.

Paul’s activism began by writing letters to animal welfare organizations. This was back in the day that there was no email, Internet, or social media.

Yet, even though Paul was committed to learning more about being vegan, he didn’t realize he could be healthy by eliminating all meat. He felt it was like holding his breath. There is only so long you can hold your breath and he felt there was only so long he could go without meat.

Yet, nearly 30 years later, he has been 100% without meat and dairy and performs at an incredibly high physical and emotional level.


Inspired by Greatness


A turning point for him was when he discovered U.S. Olympian, Carl Lewis, was vegan. Again, this was long before being vegan was as sociably acceptable as it is today.




Carl Lewis, once the fastest man on the planet, is one of the most-cited vegan athlete who credits his outstanding 1991 results in part to the vegan diet he adopted in 1990.

Learning about Carl Lewis’ success was one reason Paul intuitively knew he was making a great life choice. Carl was, hands down, one of Paul’s heroes. And to find out he was vegan made his decision a lot easier.


Veganism Runs in the Family


Life as a vegan is made easier by the fact that his wife, Toni Okamoto, a highly successful social media influencer, is also vegan. The author of three very successful vegan/plant-based cookbooks, Toni is most well known for her branding and highly successful book, Plant Based on a Budget.

Both Toni and Paul were vegan before meeting one another yet having this in common was a huge plus to their attraction to one another.

As the author of the highly successful book, Clean Meat; How Growing Meat Without Animals Will Revolutionize Dinner and the World and founder/CEO of the Better Meat Co., Paul is quick to say he lives in his wife’s shadow.
Grinning, he says, “I’m the guy who, when someone recognizes my wife at a vegan restaurant, they give me their phone to take a picture of my wife with them.”


Pandemic Pandemonium


Paul is a self-proclaimed creature of habit. When the pandemic hit, his routines quickly turned upside down. Activities like going to the gym, were put on hold. He needed to find other outlets for exercise.

He took up a sport he had been involved in years before, long distance running. Having done marathons and several half marathons in the past, Paul found this to be a perfect stop gap for his desire and need for exercise. Known for pushing his own limits, Paul challenged himself to exceed is own personal records. Working with a coach, who is an elite runner himself, helped.

It was during this time; he and his wife adopted a dog. Fast becoming an Internet sensation, Eddie the Pittie, has his own Instagram page. https://www.instagram.com/eddiethepittie/


Paul’s Eating Protocol


Paul eats as close to whole food, plant-based as possible. His body responds incredibly well to this way of eating. He and his wife enjoy experimenting with various dishes that are not only healthy but very tasty.

The fact his wife is a bestselling, vegan cookbook author, is a plus. Not only does Paul enjoy tasty meals, but nutrition is also very important to him.

He encourages those who want to transition to a plant-based eating protocol to realize their palates will change. If you’re addicted to sugar, when you eat whole food, plant based, you will likely get to a point, processed sugar is not that appealing.

Additionally, if you are choosing this way of eating for the animals, you definitely want to check out Paul’s interview on the Vegan Visibility show.

Paul’s book, Clean Meat: How Growing Meat Without Animals Will Revolutionize Dinner and the World, gives great insights into the world of meat without animals suffering.

“Every time we sit down to eat, we’re making choices. We’re making choices about what type of world we want to live in. What we eat matters. It’s that simple,” Paul says with the same conviction he makes to his health, his wife, his adopted Pitbull, and his commitment to the vegan lifestyle.


Learn More about Paul



Interview on the Vegan Visibility Show https://www.powerupforprofits.com/bettermeatco/