I’m so relieved. I thought I wasn’t going to identify a pet peeve today, but alas! I have.
It is when someone asks me to review a product or book for them, but they expect me to buy it first. Now I get that when I approach them and ask if I can review their stuff, I should in fact, expect to buy it.
But folks, if you approach someone and want them to give their feedback, don’t expect them to pay for it.

I just checked my LinkedIn inbox and had several requests like this, all of which wanted me to buy their “stuff” and then review it.
Nope. Doesn’t work like that.
Okay, in my book, here’s the protocol.
1. Someone approaches an expert and says, “I would love to review your “stuff” and will give you my feedback. Can you send me the link to access?”
Answer: No. You can buy it.
2. You, as an expert and industry leader, are approached by someone to review their stuff. You say, “Give me the link to access.” They respond, “You can purchase it at….”
Answer: Really? You’re asking me to review your stuff and you want me to buy it when I likely have no interest in it. Nope!
Be watching for my next Pet Peeve.