Garrick Williams is a 34 year old father and husband. Struggling most of his life with health issues related to the stomach and gut, he converted to a 100% plant based diet in the year 2012 after watching a documentary. Since making the change life has become so much more rewarding. Through the years since, Both Garrick’s wife and daughter have gone fully plant based. 


With very few answers from doctors, Garrick thought he would live with the health issues and simply had to figure out how to make life work. All that changed when he and his then girlfriend, turned wife, watched the documentary Forks Over Knives.

Jumping in with both feet, Garrick struggled the first four weeks on a plant based diet. After the four week mark, he woke up completely free of the health issues that had plagued him all his life.

Changes he experienced are more energy, better focus, improved state of mind and overall feeling good.

Additionally, he dropped unwanted weight and his ability to maintain a healthy weight is what he refers to as, “A God send.”

Within a short period of time, Garrick discovered he had a passion for cooking. Having never owned a cookbook in his life, he became self-taught on the many choices a plant based diet offer.

Benefits of Raising a Child on a Plant Based Diet

Without a doubt, a child who is free of processed foods is bound to be healthier. With a young daughter who is soon turning four, Garrick and his wife are committed to doing all they can to keep their daughter informed of healthy choices.

To fully understand the benefits of raising a child on a plant based diet, Garrick studied extensively as well as went back to school to learn about nutrition. An engineer by trade, all his research pointed to this being an extremely healthy way to raise his daughter.

With his wife on board with the idea of raising their daughter on a plant based diet, Garrick will be the first to admit that as she gets older, there will be outside influences on diet.

Working together with their pediatrician, Garrick is confident his daughter’s diet is as good as it gets.

Her checkups are outstanding, and her weight is extremely healthy. As childhood obesity is on the rise, Garrick loves sharing information on how other parents can switch to healthier food choices for themselves and their children.

Recommendations to Parents

Start your children early on the various selections of a plant based diet. Have plenty of choice for them and make sure you include things to satisfy their cravings such as fruit.

Calorically dense foods are a great choice.

Recommended Resources


How Not to Die by Dr. Michael Gregor

Proteinaholics by Dr. Garret

Fiber Fueled: The Plant-Based Gut Health Program by Will Bulsiewicz MD

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