Diabetes, constant fatigue, high blood pressure, multiple co-morbidity, hypertension, sleep apnea, emergency room visits, and severe high collateral were constant companions of Brian Rodgers before he discovered the healing power of a plant-based lifestyle.

Realizing his quality of life was minimal at best, he began eating a plant-based diet in July, 2018. Even though he felt somewhat better, it wasn’t until he gave up dairy, oil, added salt and processed sugar his life dramatically changed.

Fast forward six months, Brian has released 105 pounds of unhealthy (and unwanted weight).

On the day of our interview, Brian realized this was the six-month marker for when he was scheduled to talk to a doctor about Bariatric surgery. He achieved the very results he wanted from surgery by going plant based.

Not only did he minimize his health risks by making lifestyle choices, he saved a ton of money on surgery.

Admitting that in addition to his health improving, so did his intimacy with his wife.

As a very analytical person, it was important that Brian arm himself with plenty of hard facts. Reading as many books as he could get his hands on, Brian consumed more information than most. He is a gifted speed reader having read nearly 50,000 books in his lifetime.

During this informative interview you will:

  • What the turning point for Brian actually was
  • How his relationship with his wife has improved
  • His “100 things” insight
  • What he determines to be foods to avoid and those to consume
  • How he stays the course even when he doesn’t feel like it
  • What to do to create safeguards when you eat out
  • What to do when you get a planticattack?

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Visit Brian’s website at https://brianrodgers.com