I’m at it again. Last month, I invited my community to join in on a 30 day Turnaround Challenge. They could select anything they wanted to work on for the challenge.

14 Days Ago, I set up my own 30 Day Video Challenge. The purpose? Shoot a video a day and post on YouTube and various social networks I frequent. It’s all about creating a habit.

Here is today’s video.


Yesterday, I began a new challenge. You’re invited to join in. This is a 7 day challenge. It’s a challenge to eat a plant based diet for 7 days. This means no meat, chicken, fish, cheese or dairy of any type.

My goal is to give my body plenty of healthy, rainbow colored (naturally) foods. I was inspired to do this after watching Rip Esselstyn, author of  several books on plant based eating.

It was during his talk, and a few other wonderful speakers I happened upon, who spoke about plant based eating, that I decided to make a 7 day commitment.

Sunday was Day 1. I discovered I had a lot of energy and felt great making this choice. As I begin Day 2, here’s some back story on this journey.

I had gone meat free (which means no chicken, meat or fish, dairy, etc) about a year and a half ago, but little by little, compromised my commitment.

What amazes me is how conflicting eating meat is to my commitment to be kind to animals. Wow! Talk about incongruent behavior.  It was while watching several TedX talks and some deep soul searching, I decided it was time to get back on track.

Are you in? Would you like to be part of this 7 day challenge? If you say yes, don’t let the fact I have two days under my belt. You can start right now. Or, you can begin in the morning. It’s up to you, but I’d love to have you join in.