Madeleine Eno has been plant based for over 4 years. As a book mapping coach, editor and author, Madeleine shares insights about what a plant based diet has done for her both personally and professionally.

She was guided to go plant based and give up meat during a meditation. Thinking she was getting the wrong message, Madeleine shares how she came to terms with this.

Since starting a plant based diet she is more in alignment with her love of animals as well as being more in tune with what her clients need.

Madeleine is my book editor and very conscious in the way she works with her clients.

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Madeleine offers a variety of services for authors who are working on their first book to very seasoned authors who know the value of a superb book coach and editor. One service she offers is her amazing book mapping program.

Book Mapping  

So, you’ve got a brilliant idea for a book—or think you do.  It takes sustained energy to complete a book—does your idea light you up enough to see it through? Do you have “meat for the bones” of your book? Let’s find out. Book Mapping is a way for you to thoroughly investigate and explore your idea before you make a big investment in a book coach or editor. In this 4-hour in-person or Zoom session you and Madeleine look at what you are really burning to share, who your audience is and what  they’re hungry for, and how your material (your story, teachings, experiences, exercises, etc.) would best be organized. Together you create a fun, physical map for how your book will flow—a container for your ideas.

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