Every journey begins with a decision. My journey into the 7 Day Plant Based Eating Reboot is no different.

Yet, what started as a personal decision to do what I could to feel better and achieve optimal health has turned into much more.

It started with the WHY

To succeed at anything, it helps to know why you are doing it. What is the bigger purpose? With a health commitment, it is often to have a better quality of life. That was my driver when I started my first 7 Day Reboot back in September.

I could have done what many people do and waited until the first of the year to make such a dramatic change. But I wanted change and I wanted it right away.

Yet, the first of the year is a great time to make a change. But…

More than a Resolution

This is the time of year people make all sorts of commitments aka resolutions.

Often, people set health goals as more of a resolution than an actual commitment. In reality, these are empty promises that are set to be broken.

Rather than a resolution, there’s a better way. Themes.

In yesterday’s post, I shared insights into the power of setting a theme for the year. Rather than setting resolutions that are likely to get broken, a theme allows you to have an overall vision.

My theme is Radical Health and Compassion.

Common Resolutions

Health and weight loss are two of the most common resolutions followed by quitting smoking and slowing down, or stopping, drinking. People of every age, description, religion and political leaning promise themselves to drop weight, eat right, exercise and slow down (or stop) behaviors that no longer serve them.

Unfortunately, within a short period of time, they give up. Why? Because they didn’t have a compelling enough reason to make the change.

For example, losing 20 pounds to look your best for your 20 year high school reunion may seem like reason enough to make an eating change, but weight loss in and of itself is more of a short-term band-aide on a problem rather than a long-term solution.

Once the reunion is over, most people go back to their old habits. The very habits that added the pounds in the first place.

Your Why is the Driver

In order to have a long-term solution you must get to the core of why you want to make a change.

For example, when I decided to go plant based in my eating, it had very little, if anything, to do with hitting a certain number on the scale. Sure, I could stand to lose a few pounds, but my motivation was to do all I could to permanently rid myself of joint inflammation. At the point I made my decision to make radical changes in my eating, I was dealing with daily pain. Pain that was impacting my writing and work performance.

Not only have I successfully eliminated inflammation altogether, the byproduct has been weight loss (26 pounds to date), increased energy, peace of mind and so much more.

The weight loss happened without me ever once using the word diet. It happened by me being on a healthy eating protocol. It’s really that simple.

In addition, I quickly realized this way of eating aligned with my values around compassion for animals.

What started as a goal for my personal well-being grew into something much bigger.

The more research I did, the more committed I became to plant based eating. Thus the reason for the 7 Day Reboot.

Day One

January 1st was the official launch of the 7 Day Plant Based Reboot program for others who want to try this way of eating. However, it is a program you can start at any point. Even if you didn’t get in on the first go round, you can start right where you’re at. I’ve designed it in a way that any day is a great day to begin.

Want to join in? Then be sure to download the workbook available at 7 Day Reboot.

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