Some people view plant based eating as a diet, while many of us view it as a lifestyle choice. For me, it goes beyond losing a few pounds. It’s truly about aligning my behaviors with my love of animals, my desire to be as healthy as possible and contributing to the betterment of the environment.

Yet, there are those who only view plant based eating as a diet. In a recent post in a Facebook group I am a member of, a woman was debating the diet benefits of a plant based eating compared to calorie counting with a friend of hers.

She argued with her friend that a plant based diet is a great diet for weight loss… which it is.  Although I respect a person’s reasons for choosing a plant based eating protocol, I find myself cringing when the only focus is to lose weight.

It Started For One Reason and Quickly Shifted to Another

My journey into this way of life began primarily for health reason. Not weight loss, but reduction of inflammation. Shortly after committing to a seven day process, I realized there was much more to this way of eating than I ever imagined. Most of all, how impactful this is on my love of animals.

Amazingly, many animal advocates are meat eaters. Yet, who am I to judge. I was too. Until I learned the ugly and cruel truth about the meat, dairy, fish and poultry industries.

The more I dig into exactly how meat, fish and poultry are processed, the more shocked I am that so many people who love animals are not jumping on board with plant based, vegan choices.

The fact is, it took me until I was in my sixties to come to this way of life, so who am I to judge how long it takes someone else?

Yet, a big part of my commitment to animal welfare is to do what I can to raise awareness about what really goes on in these industries.

My Journey

I completely shifted to a whole food, plant based eating protocol (I do not call it a diet) four months ago today. In that time, the results I have experienced are nothing short of miraculous. I do NOT consider what I am doing a short term decision. Nor do I consider it a diet. It is a lifestyle… a protocol.

Basically, I eat whole food, plant based including fruits, vegetables, beans, legumes, nuts and grains.

I eat whatever I want within the protocol. Which means no processed foods, no added salt, oil or processed sugar.

I do NOT count calories.

Results… released 30 pounds without any effort at all. As mentioned, the big thing for me is not seeing this as a diet but rather a lifestyle change. Additionally, I have more energy, sleep better, have improved my concentration and feel incredible.

Diets have a beginning and an end… usually when someone achieves the weight they were targeting, if not before. Often they gain back the weight and some. Trust me… I know. I’ve done that many times before.

The best part of a WFPB eating protocol is that I don’t have to count calories. Also, I don’t obsess over the scale.

I have more energy, focus, I sleep better, feel better, have completely eliminated inflammation and have noticed my state of mind is fantastic.

For me, there is more to a WFPB eating protocol than it being a diet. It’s a lifestyle that is not only super healthy but also very compassionate to animals and the environment.

No Calorie Counting

When you are on a whole food, plant-based eating protocol, you do not need to count calories. By eating a variety of foods, you get more than enough to eat. And you don’t overeat. It’s really simple. The foods are so nutrient dense you don’t need to worry about whether or not you will lose weight. It will melt off… that is if you eliminate junk food, added salt, oil and process sugars.

I eat so much that it would make you wonder how it’s possible I released 30 pounds. Not only am I eating super healthy, the foods I eat give me more energy which means I am able to exercise more, move more and burn more calories.

What is your experience with plant based eating? Share your best tips.