Lana Nelson, author of The Food Codes, teaches her clients to eat according to what their body is asking for.

“What might be good for one, may not be good for another,” Lana says. For example, bananas may be exactly what one person is craving, while someone else may not fare well with this particular fruit.

What Lana teaches, and writes about in her new book, The Food Codes, Intuitive eating for every body, is that eating is NOT a cookie cutter approach. According to Lana, most adults have tried one, two or several diets based on a cookie cutter approach. One reason cookie cutter diets don’t work is because people are not cookies.

Eat Without Guilt

Lana Nelson’s, The Food Codes teaches you how to eat without guilt and shame for the rest of your life! The Food Codes also teaches you what your body needs for food at different times, seasons, and when different stresses affect your life.

The problem with dieting, is that most people are getting fatter and sicker with each passing day. Dealing with her own issues around food, Lana Nelson, began a journey of discovery that turned into her life’s work. For years Lana dealt with chronic pain, fatigue and the garden variety of ailments so many people live with. She was  determined to find the cause and solution.

After years of trial and error, Lana Nelson discovered the solution was as close as her kitchen cabinets and refrigerator… food.

Going from daily pain, to living pain free, Lana was determined to share her message near and far … which she has. Teaching thousands of people every year how to heal themselves with food, Lana is more determined than ever to reach the masses with her message.

As a Certified Emotion and Body Code consultant, Lana has developed one of the easiest techniques on the planet to help anyone discover what foods really are “good for you!” Good for you personally, right now.

Lana has used her technique since the early 90’s and uses emotional clearing and energy healing techniques as well as Quantum Biofeedback Technology.

Plant Based Eating and The Food Codes

In that I am 100% plant based, I wondered if The Food Codes was for me. “Absolutely,” Lana answered in no uncertain terms. “There are bound to be some plant based foods that agree with you and others your body is not going to agree with.”

After applying what I know of The Food Codes, I was amazed to find some of the foods I assumed would agree with me rebelling within minutes of eating them.

The Food Codes is perfect for anyone who wants to tune into their own body rhythms to learn the perfect food for their body type, physical and emotional goals and lifestyle.

Join Us For The Webinar

Regardless of what your eating protocol is, join Lana Nelson and me on December 18th for an informative webinar where she shares simple strategies anyone can apply to eat according to what their body needs, wants and is asking for.