COVID-19: a real threat to your health. Eating plant based is one of the best defenses to battle the pandemic. Yet, many people are not eating healthy. Let’s take a step back and evaluate why eating plant based can be a great choices.

There are plenty of people who start a plant based eating protocol as a diet… using it to lose unwanted weight. They are treating the lifestyle more like a diet than a long-term change.

The fact is, if you started a plant-based diet strictly to lose weight, it will NOT stick during these stressful times. Without a bigger reason, you will soon be digging into garbage fast food that harms your immune system rather than improves it.

Your reasons have to go deep into a WHY… rather than a what…(“what” is losing a few pounds.)


Healthy Immune System


Right now, how you eat will either support a healthy immune system or set you up for higher risk during the current pandemic.

This is about all of us. This is about minimizing the risk for everyone.

Face it, we are all dealing with the uncertainty that COVID-19 has thrown upon us.

Much of the problem with the current health situation stems from lifestyle choices… like eating factory farmed meat. To pretend otherwise only perpetuates the problem.

If we are going to make the change stick, it has to go beyond weight loss. It must stem from something deeper like overall health, compassion to animals and the environment.

This article claims that people are reverting back to their old way of eating…/americans-drop-kale-quinoa-lock…?

“Meat eaters are no longer cutting back on animal protein as beef cases at grocery stores have been cleaned out and profit margins for packers have spiked to all-time highs.”

Those of us who couldn’t imagine EVER eating animal products ever again, do not have a problem with this. Yet, there are those who are not committed to a plant based lifestyle due to ethics, but simply a surface level reason.

Go beyond the surface. Go deep into the ethics of how you eat.


Comfort Eating During a Pandemic


Right now, the temptation is to comfort eat. Yet, it’s what we comfort eat that is either good or bad.

I admit it, I was comfort eating bagels the other day. Yep. 6 in one day. Contrary to what some people believe about me, I have weaknesses when it comes to comfort foods, but I also have common sense and caught myself fast.

I realized bad foods and bad comfort eating was exactly what I should NOT be doing. However, there are some foods that are great to comfort eat with… foods like fresh fruits and vegetables.

Right now, do yourself, and your loved-ones a favor; double down on your commitment to eat healthy. This is not the time to do anything that will compromise your health.

For example, eating meat is one of the worst things you can do. Eating meat has been deemed more dangerous and carcinogenic than smoking. You wouldn’t give your kids cigarettes.. would you? Then why give them meat.…/bacon-ham-sausages-processed-…

Again, right now is so critical to setting yourself up for success on healthy eating.


Steps to Take


With the current “stay at home” mandates coming down in most states, there are a few key steps you can take to set yourself up to improve your immune system as well as minimize your stress.

1. Write a list of projects around your home you’ve been wanting to get done. Do one project a day (or every few days depending how how big of a project)

2. If you are working from home, stick to a routine. The more you treat this as “business as usual” the easier it will be

3. Realize, we are all going through this. Why is it that some people are handling it with grace while others are resisting with all their might?


That which we resist, persists


4. Take care of your health by eliminating unhealthy comfort eating. Comfort eat with healthy foods and you will be giving yourself a much better chance to get through this with a healthy immune system.…/americans-drop-kale-quinoa-lock…?

5. If you are diagnosed, make sure to isolate.

6. Listen to inspirational podcast shows. Also shows about healthy eating. Here is the link to my newest podcast show on plant based eating.…/plant-based-eatin…/id1503254583

7. As trite as this may seem to some, this is likely one of the most important things you can do… be grateful. A grateful person improves their immune system.

To that end… list what you are grateful for in the comments.

Want to learn more about a plant based lifestyle? Check out the Plant Based Eating for Health podcast show at