So, you’re brimming with enthusiasm and ready to start your own podcast show? Excellent! When posed with the question, “Who is your target audience?” you might be tempted to reply, “Everyone!”

Hold up, not so fast! This is the most common mistake made by those who truly believe everyone wants to watch or hear your show. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Identifying your audience is crucial for a podcast host for several reasons:

Tailored Content: Knowing who your audience is allows you to tailor your content to their specific interests, needs, and preferences. If you understand what they find valuable, entertaining, or engaging, you can focus on creating content that meets those needs.

Communication Style: Understanding your audience also helps you decide on your communication style. The language, tone, and level of detail that you use should be appropriate for your audience. For instance, a podcast aimed at professionals in a specific industry might use more technical language than one aimed at the general public.

Guest Selection: If you plan to have guests on your podcast, knowing your audience can guide you in selecting guests that they would be interested in hearing from. This could include experts in your field, influencers they admire, or individuals with unique experiences or perspectives.

Marketing and Promotion: Audience identification can inform your marketing and promotion strategies. Knowing your audience demographics can help you decide which social media platforms to use, what times to post, and what kind of promotional material will be most appealing.

Sponsorship Opportunities: If you plan to monetize your podcast, potential sponsors will want to know who they are reaching. Having a clear idea of your audience demographics can help attract sponsors whose products or services align with your audience’s interests and needs.

Listener Engagement: Understanding your audience can also guide you in creating opportunities for listener engagement. This could involve social media interactions, Q&A segments, listener polls, or community events.

By creating listener personas, you can have a more concrete idea of who you’re speaking to when you’re planning and recording your podcast. This can make your podcast feel more personal and relevant to your listeners, which can help to attract and retain an engaged audience.

Who is your audience and how do you identify them? With my shows, I am very clear on who is a great fit.

For example, with the Plant Based Eating for Health show, the description is as follows.

A show for plant based eaters and vegans who are committed to healthy, whole food diets, compassion to animals and the planet. Only 100% plant based & vegan lifestylists, authors, consultants, business owners are featured on the show. This show is great for those eager to learn how to transition to a plant based and vegan life. We have a strong focus on a balanced protocol of nutrition, exercise, meditation and community.

Eating a whole food diet without animal products has the potential to prevent and reverse diseases and obesity, which improves our health and longevity. There is a focus on how plant based eating can actually improve your performance in business.

We are extremely committed to compassion for animals of all breeds and a life void of abuse to animals.

When  someone reaches out to be on the show, it behooves them to immediately identify why they are a fit for the show. Saves them time, saves me time and stays on target with the show.

Enjoy both shows on your favorite platform for podcast shows or CLICK HERE.