With more experts dealing with shelter in place mandates, yet still needing to keep their name in from of their market, many are turning to podcast interviews.
Hands down, one of the simplest, most effective ways to reach your market is by appearing on industry, topic and market specific shows.
For example, if you are an author, there is ample opportunity to showcase your area of expertise.
The more an author knows who their readers are, the more targeted they can be with the type of podcast shows they want to appear on.

Specific Markets

One way to determine the type of podcast shows an author/expert could appear on is to read the book description on Amazon. Descriptions leave clues. As well, some of the reviews will leave ample insights into what the readers find most relevant.

Fueling Change: How We Created Climate Change One Fuel at a Time

Fueling Change: How We Created Climate Change One Fuel At A Time, adds the path of dominant fuel, gasoline, to the city’s 20th century story, and leaves the reader with a progressive challenge at the dawn of the 21st century Solar Age.
Fueling Change offers a promising example that others might consult to tell a city’s story through the energy that makes it go.”—Brian C. Black, Ph.D., Head, Division of Arts and Humanities, Distinguished Professor of History and Environmental Studies, Editor, Energy and Society book series with WVUP, Penn State, Altoona, Pennsylvania
Scandals In the Shadows
Scandal in the Shadows, focuses in on something unbelievably incredible which took place in the early History of the Catholic Church, the existence of Mary Priest, otherwise know as Mary Mother of God. Millions of Catholics are unaware of the past presence of Women Bishops, Women Deacons, and Women Priests, in their Church’s History. How could you know, when your own Church never disclosed the actual truth of this matter to you?
Explicitly absent from this book is any type of fabricated conjecture. Instead, its facts are backed up from Biblical research providing you the reader, with the actual truth rather than the lies and deception you currently receive from your Church. “Scandal in the Shadows,” is written from the perspective of a lay Catholic woman’s realization that she was being lied to about her own Church’s past History involving Women Priests.
Stroke Forward
On March 30, 2014 my entire world changed. I had a stroke at age fifty-three.
Until it happens, none of us realize how frightening a near-death experience truly is. My husband, Jim, quickly learned that he had to speak up for me . . .  because I couldn’t  speak for myself.
Being suddenly thrown into a role neither of us understood, Jim became my advocate: the supporter, spokesperson, and caregiver who acted on my behalf as we navigated the complex healthcare system. He watched, listened, and questioned the actions of others around me to ensure I had the best medical and recovery care.
If you are someone who is a patient with a serious brain injury looking for hope and insights into ways to keep moving forward with your recovery, this book is for you. The foundation for this book is my research to more clearly understand what happened to me and how we, as stroke survivors, could thrive. Insights from one physical therapist and three doctors who were instrumental in my healing journey are also included. My hope is that my story will be an inspiration to keep you striving forward.
If you are a family member or friend who has been thrust into the role of guarding over someone with a brain injury, you’ll discover that you are not alone in your quest to be the best caregiver you can be. The tips and insights shared here by family and friends who were plunged into the same position may be enlightening and beneficial.  May this book shed some light on this new path you are traveling.
Food Codes
What if you could never diet again?
Your body knows exactly what to eat for optimal health and wellness. If you are tired of yo-yo dieting, chasing the latest eating craze, but still continuing to struggle with your weight, The Food Codes is your answer!
In this book, you’ll learn simple muscle testing techniques that can tell you exactly what nutrition your body needs in any moment, whether you are at home, in a restaurant, or at the grocery store. Once you master this easy testing method, you’ll no longer struggle to decide what to eat, but get trusted information from your own body.
The book includes a wealth of food lists, easy-to-customize recipes, and information that will help you on your journey to on-going health and wellness.
“With her groundbreaking new book, The Food Codes, Lana Nelson gives us a way of living and relating to food that has been desperately needed for as long as people have been around. You don’t have to wonder anymore about what to eat. You don’t have to be pulled this way and that way by the constantly changing ideas of science (and your friends’ opinions) about what foods are good for you and what foods are not. You can simply ask.

Let Me Prey Upon You: Breaking Free from a Minister’s Sexual Abuse

A church is where an insecure sixteen-year-old girl should feel welcome, happy, and most importantly, safe. Tragically for some, the church can become a place of great harm.
Sandy Phillips Kirkham details her account of how a charismatic youth minister preyed upon her, a betrayal which left her broken, with a shattered faith, and the ultimate shame of being blamed and forced from the church she loved. From their very first meeting, the new youth minister slowly and methodically turned the sacred relationship of a trusted spiritual leader to one of abuse: sexual, emotional, and physical. When his actions were discovered, he was simply moved to another church, leaving Sandy to pay for his deeds. She was not his first victim, nor would she be his last.
Despite a successful and happy life as a wife, mother, and friend, Sandy successfully concealed her abuse for twenty-seven years until a trigger forced her to face the truth. Sandy’s story will take you on her journey of healing which began in 2004, first by seeking justice and closure from both the pastor and the church. Her strength and courage will inspire you. Let Me Prey Upon You details Sandy’s journey from innocent sixteen-year-old victim to survivor and advocate.

Benefits to Appearing on Shows

There are lots of benefits to getting on the air.

  1. The more you are on the air, the better you get.
  2. You have a system developed that makes the process very simple.
  3. Often, when a host hears you on one show, they will reach out to book you for their show.
  4. You generate interest in your books, speaking and business due to the visibility.
  5. Shows are archived and can be heard by countless individuals for years to come. The shelf life is amazing.

The bottom line is this, podcast shows are a great idea.


  1. Determine the specific message you want to convey.
  2. Research shows that fit their expertise.
  3. Determine if it is appropriate to use the show to promote a book.
  4. Prepare all marketing material such as the expert one sheet, bio, media outreach letter, on air introduction and questions and high-resolution photos.
  5. Reach out to host.
  6. Book an interview.
  7. Send all required information to the show host.
  8. Clarify the format of the show (video or audio only).
  9. Request all access details including URL’s for Zoom, phone number, etc. for interview.
  10. Add all details to interview spreadsheet.
  11. Send reminder to show host and client 48 hours before the interview.
  12. Ask for replay link after the show goes live.
  13. Promote on various social media channels.
  14. Add show permalink to your website media page.
  15. Send a solo message to your subscribers. (if you do a lot of interviews, a once a week update is fine..

As you can see, there is more to getting booked than simply sending out a request to a host or producer.

Take it to the Next Level with a Podcast Tour

If you want to skyrocket what you’re doing, consider a Virtual Book Tour using the power of podcasts.
A virtual book tour is where you, the author, make appearances on blogs, social media and podcast shows as the featured expert. A virtual book tour consists of lining up a series of guest blog posts, podcast appearances, live video appearances and social media posts during a specified period of time.
In the past, a book tour required the author either drive to various physical locations or hop on a plane to make appearances and do book signings.
Not only was this costly, it required an incredible amount of time and energy, and results were often minimal for most authors.
Today, it’s a completely different story. With so many online options available, virtually any author can successfully plan and execute a successful book tour virtually.
To learn exactly what to do, check out my book, Virtual Book Tours for Indie Authors. 
With the right vision, and an equally clear plan, you will be unstoppable.

Both Sides of the Mic

Maybe you’ve thought of starting your own show. Before doing so, be sure to put a solid plan together. It’s one thing to appear on shows and something completely different to start your own show.
I know. I do both. I have appeared on hundreds of shows and I have two of my own shows.

There are pros and cons to having your own show. Before starting your own show, you need to make sure you will see this as a long-term process. Commit to a minimum of one year, one show per week, no matter what. If you don’t make that type of commitment, it will be difficult to know what you are truly capable of as a host.
Virtual Book Tours for Indie AuthorsPrior to starting your own show, why not focus on getting lots of interviews. One of the best ways to discover what to do is to do what’s called a Podcast Tour. Not sure what that is? Go here to learn more.