In working with experts who use podcast interviews as a way to get their message to market, I emphasize the importance of looking at various angles for your message.

Many people think that there is one, and only one, message they can share on a show. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Actually, when you find a variety of topics you can speak on and keep your overall message at the front of your mind, you will attract listeners and viewers who not only have an interest in your overall messaging, but other things you have in common with them.
For example, in the last week, I had three interviews go live that each was based on a different topic yet with each, I was able to mention what I do in business.
The topics included:

Who would think that all three could lead back to the service offerings I have? But they did.
When you look for interview opportunities, look for angles that showcase hobbies, passions, experiences, lifestyle choices and anything you are involved with. Not sure where to find shows? Check out the Directory of Podcast shows. Click here.
You may be surprised at how far reaching your message can be.
Avoid the narrow thinking many people commit themselves to by thinking you can talk about only one thing. Again, nothing could be further from the truth.
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