Podcasting is one of the hottest topics right now. Regardless of what side of the mic you are most comfortable on, hosting a show, or being interviewed on a show, podcasts are a great way to raise awareness about what you do.
I love working with experts who want to get on shows to raise awareness about various topics. I teach them how to use the power of podcast interviews to position their message in a high-value way.

Those who are most successful with podcast interviews are those who see this as an integrated part of their overall visibility and marketing strategy.
To get the most out of any interviews you do, it’s important NOT to view this as a “If… then…” process for sales.
“If I’m on a show, I should immediately see sales.”
Although immediate sales are possible, if you are only doing interviews for the sales, you are likely missing lots of great benefits. Podcast appearances are about creating value for listeners and viewers.
Combined with other strategies such as blogging, social media marketing and lives, when done right, the benefits are incredible.


The top benefit of appearing on podcast shows is the opportunity to showcase your expertise. You receive exposure, increase your credibility, and are viewed as the “go to” expert by appearing on shows.
When it comes to the “know, like and trust” factor, podcast shows are unmatched in effectiveness.
Where many people miss the mark is seeing podcast appearances as a short-term strategy. If this is your mindset, I encourage you to rethink the process.
When you appear on shows, you gain benefit for years to come. Without a doubt, podcast interviews need to be a part of your long-term strategy.

  1. High visibility. Your message is heard by hundreds, possibly thousands, of interested listeners and viewers for a long time to come. It’s not uncommon for someone to hear you months, even years, after your interview goes live.
  2. Time effective. The more interviews you do, the less prep time you need to put into the process.
  3. Connection with the audience. What better way to connect with your ideal market then to showcase your expertise with interviews?
  4. Long shelf life. Unlike an advertisement on social media, or a post that gets lost in the shuffle, podcast shows can be heard and watched for years to come. This adds to the appeal for many experts.
  5. Although you usually will not sell directly from a show, when you deliver a top-notch interview, audience members are likely to visit your website or blog. If you have your foundation in place, such as with a complimentary offer, visitors will be added to your subscriber list. The key is to make it easy for people to get on your list.

Opportunity Abounds

The more shows you appear on, the more opportunity you create. Again, this is NOT about using podcasts as a direct sales process. The direct sales mindset can, and likely will, work against you.
What works is having the mindset of service, value, and awareness. Whatever your expertise, there are those who want to hear what you have to say. If you are simply focused on making money, rather than creating value, you are completely missing the mark.
Recently, I had a conversation with a potential client. I invited them to “check me out” online.
“I already have. I listened to several podcast shows you were on. This is why I wanted to talk with you. I knew you were the consultant I wanted to hire,” they said without hesitation.
Shortly after that conversation, they signed a contract to work with me.
The bottom line is this, podcast interviews work. They are one of the best ways to raise awareness about what you do. Yet, there is an art and science to the process. When you come from the mindset of service, you achieve more than if you are simply doing interviews as a “what’s in it for me” proposition. It’s not about you, but rather, it’s about what value you can offer.

Where to Find Shows

One of the challenges many people have is doing the research to find shows that are a great match. Research can take a considerable amount of time.
This is why I developed the Directory of Vegan and Plant Based Podcast Shows. With the directory, you have access to 135 very niched show listings. You’ll discover how to increase your visibility, raise awareness and get in front of hundreds, even thousands of people with every show you’re on… all from the comfort of your home or office.