Appearing on podcast shows is a great way to increase your market reach, visibility and influence. Yet, getting on shows takes more than simply reaching out to a host.
Booking podcast interviews takes time and time is money. It’s really very simple.

Mud on the Wall

There are those who use the, “Throw a bunch of mud on the wall and hope something sticks” method while others are very, very targeted in their approach.
Does the “mud on the wall” method work? Sure, you’ll get a few interviews, but one is left to wonder how much of a match those shows will be for you.
A targeted approach will take more time and effort upfront, but in the big scheme you will likely have a much better outcome with the interview.
Rather than take a haphazard approach, research the show and make sure you are actually a fit.
For example, both my show descriptions clearly state, “Only those who are 100% void of ALL animal and dairy need inquire.”
Yet, a great many of the inquiries I receive are not at all a match. Why? Because the person inquiring, whether for themselves or for a client, are not doing their homework.

There’s Something in a Name

The names of the shows often indicate what they are about.
With my shows, it’s pretty evident what I focus on. But often, people completely ignore this. Because of this, they waste their time and mine.
Tell me what you think my shows are about. I daresay, veganism and plant based eating.

  • Vegan Visibility
  • Plant Based Eating for Health

As previously mentioned, in the description for the shows I clearly state, “Only those who are 100% void of ALL animal and dairy need inquire.”
It never ceases to amaze me when I get a long, drawn out inquiry that never mentions the fact the guest is vegan. It would save time and effort on everyone’s part.
I respond with one question, “Are you 100% void of animal and dairy?”
Often they say, “No.”
Case in point, I recently received an answer from one person who sent me a lengthy inquiry. Their response, “95%. I eat cheese.”
My response, “Not interested. I only interview those who are 100%.”
This is my line in the sand.

Check the Branding, Niche and Messaging

If there is a specific branding for a show, specific criteria and something that is very important to the host, if you’re not a fit, move on to shows you would be a fit for.
Don’t think the host is going to bend their guidelines for you. Most likely, they won’t.
Some months ago I received an inquiry for a nutrition author. I asked if they were 100% void of all animal and dairy.
“No, but they have sold 600,000 books. So they are very popular,” came the response from the person who was reaching out on their behalf.
When I said I wasn’t interested, they person responded with, “Do you realize who they are?”
My response, “It doesn’t matter. What matters is I am only interested in interviewing people who do not consume animal and dairy.”

Great Visibility 

Appearing on shows is a great way to gain visibility for you and your business.
If you’re an author, interviews are a great way to make potential readers aware of your book(s).
If you have your own podcast show, appearing on other shows is a great strategy to drive traffic to your podcast.
If you’re involved in a specific cause, podcast interviews showcase your message.
Regardless of why you want to be on a show, do your homework. By doing so, you’ll get a much better outcome.