For many people, podcast shows are a fairly new way to consume content. They may have recently come across a show via Apple Podcast, a search on Google on a topic they have an interest in, or through the recommendation of a friend.

For experts, hosting a show is a great way to provide great content to your community while increasing the size of your following.

Some of my favorite experts whose shows I listen to are Mel Robbins, Rich Roll, Lewis Howes, Jay Shetty and Michael Sandler to name a few.

Amazingly, seven is the average number of podcast shows people listen to once they are introduced to the world of consuming content by way of a podcast.

A Podcast for Any Interview

Regardless of what your interest is, there is likely to be a show to satisfy your podcast itch. Most listeners enjoy a number of genres and often several shows within on genre. For example, in the vegan marketing niche, some of the popular shows are shown below.


Not only do I enjoy listening and watching spiritual, business, health and self-help podcast shows, I host two of my own. My first one started in 2014 and went for a couple years.

I did what is called “podfading” which simply means, I stopped doing episodes and disappeared from the podcast arena, as a host, for a few years. Back in March of 2020, my passion for hosting a show was sparked.

I had the opportunity to attend Podfest Expo 2020 in Orlando, Florida as well as present.

What an amazing event it was. Hanging out with the likes of Bonnie Frank, Jessica Kupferman, JV Krum, and other passionate podcasters.

While at the conference, I found myself missing the excitement of hosting my own show. It was over dinner with Bonnie Frank that I decided to get back in the game. It was Bonnie who convinced me I should put my passion for the plant-based lifestyle into a new show.

With Bonnie’s encouragement, and the pages and pages of notes I took at the conference, I immediately launched Plant Based Eating for Health upon my return home.

From the start, I was very clear on what I wanted the show to accomplish. Since that time, not only has my show been very well received by those interested in learning more about a plant-based and plant-exclusive lifestyle, but I’ve also had the distinct pleasure of interviewing nearly 100 men and women from around the globe who are equally as passionate as me about plant-based eating.

Vegan Visibility is Born

After a few months, I decided to rebrand my other show from Power Up for Profits to Vegan Visibility.

In that I was now working with quite a few people in the vegan space, helping them grow their businesses, it made perfect sense to rebrand and relaunch Power Up for Profits show in order to focus on business, marketing, visibility and book launches for vegan experts, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, authors and speakers.

Within a very short period of time, Vegan Visibility became one of the top five shows under Vegan Marketing and Vegan Business on Apple Podcast.

Consulting with Clients

It didn’t take long before clients were asking how to start their own show. I taught masterclasses, consulted with clients one-on-one and appeared on other shows talking about the steps to start a show.

To succeed as a podcast host, it’s important to follow a proven formula. Below is an overview of how to roll out a successful podcast show.

Identify the Steps

To achieve the best results fast, outline the steps for success.

First, you must identify your focus and niche. The more attention you place on your niche, the better.

To be all over the place (all things to all people… everyone is your market) dilutes the market reach. Clarifying your niche helps the right people find, enjoy, and subscribe to your show.

On the flip side, if you plan to be on shows, the more niched you are, the better. When you target shows that you would be a great fit for, it’s much easier for a host to welcome you on their show.

With Plant Based Eating for Health, the title pretty much says it all. It’s for those either currently involved in plant-based eating/lifestyle or those curious about this way of life.

Vegan Visibility, as the name implies, is about how vegans, and vegan experts, can gain visibility.

The 5 W’s!

To hit the ground running, be sure to put time into the 5 W’s.

  • Who
  • What
  • Where
  • Why
  • When



Simply put, who is the show for?

Plant Based Eating for Health Podcast is for those who subscribe to a whole food, plant-based lifestyle or those curious about what a plant-based eating protocol entail.

Additionally, those who have been looking for an extremely healthy lifestyle protocol. It also addresses issues of compassionate eating, compassion to animals and the environment through a plant-based lifestyle.

What is the Show About?

The show covers a cross range of topics as they relate to plant-based eating and the plant-based lifestyle. Eating, diet, health, compassion to animals, factory farming impact, etc.

Where Will the Show Be Available?

The show is available in many locations including iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, iHeart Radio and more. In addition, I share episodes on my various social media channels, distribute links to my plant-based subscribers and post in the Plant Based Eating for Healthy Facebook Group and post episodes on the Plant Based Eating for Health blog.


The WHY has a few considerations. Why am I doing the show, why me and why would people listen to the show?

First, why I’m doing the show. Simply put, with all I’ve learned about plant-based eating, I cannot not do the show. It has been four years since I went 100% plant based. Initially, I began due to health reasons, but now, I can say with complete congruency, I continue with this way of life for the health reasons, compassion to animals and the environment.

I now identify as a Vegan. This one choice encouraged me to rebrand my other podcast show to the Vegan Visibility Show. This show is designed for professionals who want to gain visibility for themselves, their books, business and mission.

I’ve committed to this way of life and want to do all possible to raise awareness about the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle as well as the harm eating animal and dairy does to your health, animals and the environment.

Why me? Simple. I live this lifestyle.

As a woman who in my late sixties, I am healthy, vibrant and have more energy than a great many baby boomers. I want to show, by example, what’s possible when we make healthy choices.

Why Would People Listen? The primary reason people will tune into Plant Based Eating for Health Podcast is to learn how to transform their life through better food choices. They will become loyal listeners based on the quality of content, the interviews, and the awareness they will continually gain.


The show airs at least once per week, possibly twice. It’s important to identify how often you will take an episode live in order for your listeners/viewers to know what to expect.

From time to time, I take a short break from the show in order to regroup.

Another Who

To stay aligned with my overall mission around raising awareness of a plant based/vegan lifestyle, only those who subscribe 100% to the lifestyle are featured on both my show. I’ve had a few people give input into what they thought I should do including:

  • Featuring various diet protocols
  • Not being so rigid in the fact guests be 100% plant-based void of all animal and dairy
  • Interview those in the factory farming industry

Here is why I am NOT doing any of these. First, this is NOT a diet show. It’s a lifestyle show. Secondly, the goal is to bring to light the benefits of a fully plant-based lifestyle. Finally, I have no interest whatsoever of showcasing factory farming in a positive light. If anything, the few times I may have something about factory farming will be to address the harm this way of food production causes in mind, body and soul.

Staying the Course

Needless to say, the conference in 2020 was exactly what I needed to stay the course with my new show. I gained so much clarity and now it’s up to me to stay the course.

The greatest value from a conference is NOT just the conference. It’s what happens after you get home where the greatest value resides.

As you plan your strategy for either starting (or growing) your own show, or being a featured expert on shows, keep in mind the 5 W’s. Simply going through the exercise of writing this blog post gave me more clarity with my own mission with Plant Based Eating for Health Podcast show.

Without a doubt, being on either side of the mic is very powerful. Yet, it takes time, preparation and vision to do it the most effective way possible.

Plan on Being a Guest?

You may have heard how great your market reach can be by being a featured guest on shows. Actually, it’s true. Being a featured expert has a great many benefits. Yet, many people have no idea where to start.

Start by downloading my FREE Influencer Guide where you will learn, step-by-step how to use podcast interviews to grow your reach, visibility and revenues. 

Interview Kathleen Gage

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