Podcast Appearance Tip! When thinking of pitching a host, you can save a lot of time and energy for both you and the host when you do your homework. First, notice the title. Does it indicate what the show is about? Next,  read the description of the show. Likely you will be able to determine if you are a fit. If you are, great. Pitch the host. If you’re not, move on.

Next, listen, and/or watch, at least a bit of a few episodes to determine if the show is one you would be a fit for and to find out if the host interviews experts. Some hosts never have anyone on the show. They fly solo.
It’s amazing how often people miss the mark for one simple reason, they are not targeted in their approach. Rather, they throw mud at the wall and hope something will stick.

Niched Shows

Here’s are two examples of targeted shows.

  • Vegan Visibility Podcast
  • Plant Based Eating for Health Podcast

One would think the titles are pretty clear what the shows are about. Yet, I often get approached by carnivores and people who obviously have not done their homework.
If the title isn’t clear on what a show is about, read the description. For my shows, these are the descriptions.
Vegan Visibility show…. Vegan Visibility Podcast shines the spotlight on ethical, sustainable & cruelty free lifestyles and businesses. Only those who are 100% animal and dairy free in their food consumption are invited on the show. Hear from entrepreneurs, authors, consultants, visionaries and others who are fully aware they are here to make a difference. The show features experts who are themselves vegan and have strategies to help you grow your business, increase your market reach, gain visibility for your speaking, books and products and overall, enrich the vegan and vegan business lifestyles through effective marketing.
Plant Based Eating For Health Show…A show for plant based eaters and vegans who are committed to healthy, whole food diets, compassion to animals and the planet. Only 100% plant based & vegan lifestylists, authors, consultants, business owners are featured on the show. This show is great for those eager to learn how to transition to a plant based and vegan life. We have a strong focus on a balanced protocol of nutrition, exercise, meditation and community. Eating a whole food diet without animal products has the potential to prevent and reverse diseases and obesity, which improves our health and longevity. There is a focus on how plant based eating can actually improve your performance in business. We are extremely committed to compassion for animals of all breeds and a life void of abuse to animals.

Not a Good Practice

It does you no good to try and get on a show you are not a fit for. On the flip side, when you do your research and know you are a fit, start with why.
People would save a lot of time if they give a good reason why they are a fit.  With my shows, something as simple as, “I see you interview only those who are 100% void of all animal and dairy. I have been 100% vegan for X number of years.”
Saves everyone time and energy and is a simple rule of Marketing 101.
Not sure how to pitch shows? Getting rejection after rejection? Not hearing back from hosts you pitch?

Check out the Podcast Rockstar Club where you learn exactly what to do, why you need to do it, and how to do it. http://www.powerupforprofits.com/podcastrockstar