Product launches  have been around for a long, long time. Yet, with the restrictions of the pandemic, companies need to get very creative in how they launch their products and services.
Regardless of what industry you’re in, it’s up to you to make sure your target market knows about a launch.
For example, in the plant based industry, there are countless new companies cropping up, many whom are receiving angel funding.  It is imperative that some of the money be used for public relations and publicity.  Often companies go the traditional route of media releases, some social media, a few media interviews here and there and possibly a few strategically placed trade-journal articles.
Although all of these are good, add to this a podcast tour and your company is likely to stand head and shoulders above other organizations vying for attention from the market.

So what is a podcast tour?

Podcast tours are more like traditional press tours, except you don’t have to travel. With a podcast tour, you do a series of podcast interviews on various podcasts around the web. With well over 1,000,000 active podcast shows, in virtually every genre, your chances of getting on dozens of shows is very high… when you know how to conduct a tour.

Authors Can Use Podcast Tours

Podcast tours are not limited to companies. Authors can definitely benefit from a virtual tour.
Before the days of virtual book tours, when tours were publisher-sponsored, covering several cities, book tours were very cost prohibitive.
Fast forward to today. Nowadays, most authors are responsible for their own book tours. This means they have to plan, pay for and promote their own tours.  Thus the reason very few indie authors do in-person book store tours.  The choice for most authors is the virtual tour.

You can do either a blog tour, social media tour or podcast tour… or a combination of all three.
In spite of minimal costs for a virtual tour, compared to an in-person tour, there is still a lot of work involved. If you want to stay sane during a virtual book tour, consider putting at least one support person on your team to handle all the details.
The success of your tour depends entirely on where your interviews, posts and reviews are posted. Thus the reason to plan your tour out as much as possible.
With that said, let’s look at some of the elements of a virtual book tour.

Virtual Book Tour

A virtual book tour is a combination of online media including radio, podcast shows, teleseminars and webinars that air during a specific period of time combined with multiple blog posts during the same time period.
Many authors focus solely on blog tours, but there’s a huge advantage to incorporating media into the mix.
By combining a blog tour and media tour you definitely increase your visibility and credibility. Your writings will be viewed by new eyeballs and you will be heard by thousands, possibly millions, of potential book buyers. This is exactly what you want.
When done right, you are able to reach more of your target market. It’s important to be clear on who your market is.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging opens up opportunities for potential joint venture relationships with the blog owner. Search engines love blogs, and, when you use the right keywords, you are creating incredible opportunities for better SEO.
In addition, you can increase your own opt-in subscribers, if you do have a link in your bio at the end of your post.
However, writing dozens of blog posts can be very time consuming, where as, appearing on podcast shows can be a much better use of your time. To learn how to do a tour, go to
With the interest in podcasts on the rise, more and more people are listening and watching.

How much work does a blog tour take?

The amount of work for a high-traffic blog or a low-traffic blog is exactly the same. Your goal should be to find blogs with high visibility.
You must find the blogs, gain permission from the owner to guest blog, write the post and help promote your appearance. Although this does take time, when done correctly, the benefits are plentiful.
Although not always possible, most blog owners will let you add in your short bio with a back link to your blog or website. Do not write anonymously. After all, this is for visibility and selling books, not just to be writing.
In some cases, you will be asked to write original content, but in many cases you won’t. You have to determine if it is worth the time invested to create original content.
When your systems are in place, such as a conversion funnel, you can gain incredible benefit from blog tours and guest blogging.

Get Started Now

Regardless of what route you choose, it’s important to start as soon as possible. The fact is, you can send in a blog post and it can be weeks, even months before it is posted. By the same token, you can interview for a podcast show and depending on the backlog of shows to be edited, it can take weeks, even months before your episode is aired.
If your goal is to have lots of posts and/or interviews go live in a concentrated period of time, you need to put a plan together and work the plan. Not sure what to do? Check it out