If you attend conferences, you likely weigh the pros and cons of your investment. Not just the financial investment, but the time and energy involved. Add to this the time out of your office and a careful evaluation is a plus.
Before we discuss various aspects of your evaluation, let me share a conference I am involved with.
In March, I am not only attending Podfest Expo 2020, I’ll be presenting a 3 hour workshop.

So… what is Podfest Expo?

Podfest Expo is a community of people who are interested in and passionate about sharing their voice and message with the world through the powerful mediums of audio and video. We’re proud to unite as many people as possible to learn, get inspired, and grow better together.
The annual Podfest Multimedia Expo is a big conference that feels like a meetup because there is such a sense of community throughout the event. Created by Chris Krimitsos in 2015 it is now a recurring, must-attend yearly gathering that is truly international, drawing creators from all over the world. Friendly faces from the registration table to podcasters you’ll meet in the hallways to the expert speakers who deliver valuable content from the stage make this an event that builds relationships – and friendships – as much as it does knowledge. Attendees across a wide array of subject matter and locales make this an entry that folks practically count down the days until arrival in sunny Orlando during the month of March!

Evaluate The Conference

Now that you know more about what Podfest Expo 2020 is, it’s time to evaluate why this would be a great choice for you to attend… especially if you either plan to start a podcast, have a podcast or want to appear on podcasts.
There are a number of areas to consider when it comes to your budget including:

  • Registration
  • Hotel
  • Flight
  • Ground transportation
  • Meals
  • Miscellaneous

Check the speakers and topics being offered. This is often an essential reason people attend conferences.  It’s very common for the list of speakers, their topics and length of their presentation to be listed on the event website. Plan your schedule according to who you plan to hear.
I would love for you to attend my workshop.
Often there are activities planned for attendees that are offsite from the conference. There may be an added expense for this. Yet, these are often great opportunities for networking in a more relaxed environment.
What are your specific goals for the conference? Are there certain people you want to meet? Why not schedule meetings ahead of time to assure you meet key people. Whether it be a breakfast, coffee meeting, lunch or dinner, this is again an opportunity to spend time with others in a more relaxed setting.
Keep in mind, speakers are very in-demand while at conferences and often have “speaker only” meetings they are encouraged to attend. Don’t be offended if they are unable to meet privately with you.
Networking opportunities
As previously mentioned, outside activities and scheduled meetings are a great opportunity to network. Although conferences can be exhausting, keep in mind, you are there for a limited time. However, be sure to pace yourself in order to be at your best at all times.
The bottom line is the bottom line. If you attend conferences to improve your skill level, knowledge, and professionalism, take time to evaluate the pros and cons. From there, if the pros definitely outweigh the cons, it’s time to register for the conference. Podfest Expo 2020,