Last week I had the opportunity to hang out with my mastermind buddies and my business coach, Suzanne Evans.Suzanne Evans

Sharing three intensive days at Suzanne’s office was an experience like none I have ever had. A definite high energy, “first class all the way” major connecting experience for everyone there.
Not a moment passed that I didn’t realize how fortunate I am to have decided to take the leap of faith to invest nearly $50,000 this year alone to be trained by the very best.
The other multiple six and seven figure business owners felt the same about their decision to work with Suzanne. How do I know?
From the conversations during the three day intensive and those since then, we are all taking things to the next level and beyond.
But it’s not just Suzanne’s energy and brainpower that made it such an incredible experience.  It’s was hanging out with each other.
What I love most about my mastermind buddies is that we are all movers and shakers.
We take massive action to achieve incredible outcomes. Yet, as Suzanne shared, there are those who will pay a coach, mentor or adviser and then not do a darned thing with the information.

I know this to be true because I have talked to countless men and women who invest in programs, classes, mentors and coaches and continue to do things their way.
Personally, this makes no sense at all. Why would we invest the money, time and effort we do with a mentor and not listen? Or invest in programs we never even look at?  Or go to a seminar and leave without implementing one single thing we learned?
Yet, there are plenty of people who do. Actually, the majority of people do this. And then they wonder why success is passing them by and call others who are succeeding lucky.
For me, I have a mentor/coach to take me beyond where I am at. If I keep doing things the way I have always done them, nothing is going to change.
When I have my sessions with Suzanne we address important areas that I MUST be willing to put time and energy into. Otherwise, why the heck am I asking for her guidance if I insist on doing things my way?
I remember my first one-on-one, in person session with Suzanne like it was yesterday. It was July, 2012.
I had had a rough three years due to the loss of both parents, our Boxer dog and our goat. Yet, my business continued to grow.

In spite of the growth, I felt stuck. This is when my partner and I decided to make some major changes in how we are running our business.
Karen and I headed out for a 15 hour travel day (by air) from Oregon to Murrells Inlet, South Carolina.
By the time we finished our first strategy day with Suzanne I knew I had made the most incredible business decision EVER!
Yet, I knew there was a ton of work to be done if I was to get the value from my time and money invested. I also knew I would be investing very heavily into my business. After all, if I am serious about what I say I want I better be willing to do what it takes.

Today I am thrilled to unveil where much of my time and effort has been directed. To see what I mean go to

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