I began my career as a professional speaker nearly two decades ago. Little did I know what it would take to make it as a speaker.
Like many wanna be speakers I thought all I needed to do was have a great presentation. I found out there is more, lots more, to the speaking industry.
“I want to motivate people,” was my answer when my mentor asked what I wanted to speak on.
“That’s great, but what will you motivate them about?” she would always respond.
This question always left me speechless.
The more vague I was on my speaking topics the fewer gigs I got.
As I became more defined in what I spoke on there was the issue of finding the speaking engagements. I had to know how to market myself as a speaker.
There were, and continue to be, a few primary choices as to how I got the gigs.
1. Book my own
2. Contract with a seminar company
3. Be an internal corporate speaker
4. Utilize the services of a speakers bureau
Regardless of what route a speaker chooses, there is foundational work to be done. For example, you must have speaker promotional material, determine your fee schedule and develop your topics.
Without the right guidance a speaking career can end faster than just about anything.
However, with the right information there is incredible opportunity for someone with the dream of being a speaker.
Recently, I had a discussion with Cathleen Fillmore, owner of Speakers Gold speaker’s bureau about what bureaus look for when they represent a speaker.
Here’s what she had to say.
As a bureau owner, I have chosen to represent a small select roster of speakers simply because I like to be really familiar with the speakers I recommend.
Here’s what I look for when considering whether or not to represent a speaker.
First of all, integrity and enthusiasm.
Secondly, does your promotional material really reflect your fee level?  If your fee is higher than your promo materials merit, I have to wonder about the disconnect.
Do you have a well designed promo page?  If not, I just can’t sell your services.  Bureaus sell the package not the person.
Do you have a credible short video?  Buyers want to make sure you can engage an audience.
And finally do you have a reputation for being easy to work with?
There is more to being a speaker than simply having a great speech. Want to find out what this is? Join Cathleen Fillmore on January 17th for a FREE webinar becoming a six figure speaker. Register at http://www.eventbrite.ca/org/441217050.