Killer Just today I joined a forum for those
who want to learn more about article marketing. I have been using articles
marketing in my overall marketing mix for years. I joined to see what else I
can learn and to share my experience for those who are new to this strategy.

One thread (discussion) is about how we
tend to procrastinate on getting articles out on the Internet. The reality is,
procrastination is the killer of success. Not just with articles, but with
everything we do.

For the sake of this article I will
stay on the topic of articles and how they actually can be a springboard to our
overall product development and revenue generation.

I am an avid believer in repurposing
information. Articles are great for repurposing. Repurposing simply means
changing form. Here’s what you do; take a simple article and turn it into tweets,
blog postings, portions of a report, the start of a book, the foundation for a
teleseminar; the list goes on and on.

I have found in working with hundreds
of clients, most people complicate the process often by their desire to be perfect.

The reality is most people who are making
a great living through their writing do so because they avoid the “I have to be
perfect” syndrome.

Granted, we want to make sure we take
quality information to market, but we don’t get so caught up in things having
to be absolutely perfect that we miss opportunity. Do we make mistakes?

Do we do what we can to minimize the
mistakes? Of course!

Do we have people who will point out
our mistakes? You bet! There is no shortage of individuals who will spend hours
upon hours pointing out the mistakes of others to the point they never get their
own information to market.

Now that’s a mistake on their part. Why
are they focusing so much attention on what others are doing instead of taking
time to get their own money making information to market? I contend it is their
fear, but that’s a completely different conversation.

So… back to writing articles that will
be used to market you, your products and your services. If you are holding back
because you find the task of writing too overwhelming read on.

A simple solution is to write as if you are talking with
someone. Think about the main point you want to make about whatever your topic
is and hold a “conversation”. What tips would you share with someone who wants
and needs a solution?

For example, let’s assume your specialty is organizational
skills. Let’s say you are going to teach someone how to organize their office.
What 3 – 5 tips would you give?

Write out the tips. From there, write a short paragraph or
two for each tip.

Add a title and a resource box and presto! You have an

300 – 500 word articles work great. Remember
to add in key words based on your market.

Another simple method is to take each tip you wrote out,
create a title for each and expand on the title and tip.

Some people do well by sitting down and writing one long
article and then turning the long article into several shorter articles.  Others find by simply writing a few short ones
they do better.

Once the articles are done submit them
to various directories. Then move on to the next thing you will do to market.

And there you have it! A quick solution to marketing with
articles. Whatever works best for you… just do it. Remember, procrastination is
the killer of success.

How do you avoid procrastination? Your comments are welcome.

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