Recently, someone posted on my FB event wall that money isn’t important; serving his market, donating to causes and impacting others is what drives him.
Most of the entrepreneurs I know feel the same way. I know I do. And yet, without money in your business it’s more difficult to serve at the highest level.
More and more entrepreneurs are coming from a very conscious place in how they run their businesses. It’s about honesty, integrity, the desire to serve, giving the best we can and making a profit.
When we are profitable we have more choice in the impact we want to make.
For example, if a colleague is running in a marathon to raise money for homeless people, I don’t have to give much thought to whether or not I can make a donation when my business is profitable.
If I have a family member who may need help with a medical bill or groceries, when my business is profitable, I don’t have to worry about writing a check.
If the local youth group at my church is raising money for their own cause, I can easily make the decision to help out.
Many of my friends, colleagues and clients feel the same way.
The Internet has opened up incredible opportunity to those of us who want our businesses and all we offer to be an expression of who we are.
In order to do this there are certain realities we have to accept. One, an online business is not about becoming an Internet Guru. It’s about using all the Internet has to offer to reach your market. Whether you are in the health
and nutrition field, art, photography, dog care, elder care, relationship coaching, life coaching, business consulting, or gardening, the tools available to us today have evened the playing ground.
Another reality is that virtually any expert will benefit greatly from developing information products for their market. Whether it be free or paid products to build your list, credility and trust factor, if you have yet to
create products, isn’t it time.
Another reality is having a clearly defined market to sell to.
It’s one thing to develop your products, but if you have no market you have no business. It’s as simple as that.
Let’s assume you do have a clearly defined market, you have market position and you have great ideas for products, before jumping headfirst into development consider this; as with virtually anything, there are pros and cons to product creation.
Let’s start with the pros

  • Serve your market
  • Impact your customers and clients in a positive way
  • Generate revenues
  • Create a lifestyle business

Now the downside

  • They take time to create
  • The first is usually the most difficult
  • Unrealistic expectations by the consumer
  • Those who buy, use, and then refund

It’s up to you to determine if the good outweighs the bad. In my book, the good definitely outweighs the bad.
Consider this; business is about trends. Your job is to be aware of the trends to determine how to adjust to market changes. A growing trend is disillusionment by the consumer.
Today’s consumers have become jaded by all that is available. They are tired of the hype and false promises. They want real value for their investment of time and money.
As you grow your business and your product offerings always keep in mind that whether someone invests one dollar or one thousand dollars you must never take this for granted. Appreciate the fact that each and every dollar represents a consumer’s trust in you.
Not everyone is cut out for running an online business. But for those who are, this is an incredible way to live. What could be better than knowing you are making a positive difference in the lives of so many?
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