For the last few days I’ve been in Chicago at the Internet Prophets conference.
Some of the top names in the industry shared insights on how to use all that’s available to each and every one of us to grow our businesses.
Besides sharing the stage with incredible experts like Dan Hollings, the man behind the incredible online promotions of The Secret; Janet Bray Attwood, creator of The Passion Test; Craig Duswalt of Rock Star Marketing who toured with Guns and Roses and Air Supply; and Mike Koenigs, world renowned video traffic expert, I also learned a great deal from these men and women.
And… I learned from participants too. There were some very sharp men and women who joined in for the event. 
People like my friend and colleague, Pat Mussieux.
During my main stage session and my breakout session on Product Creation I asked those in my audience how many had actually created product.
I was shocked at the number of people who have thought about creating product for a long time, but done nothing about it.
I had numerous conversations between sessions with participants to learn more about them and their businesses. Again, I was shocked at how many want to create product, but haven’t done anything about it.
There were those who dabbled at product creation but allowed “bright shiny objects” to sidetrack them.
Yet each and every person I talked to says they crave getting their message out in a bigger way.
What I know to be true is this; if we have knowledge, expertise and insights that WILL change the lives of others, it is our duty to do whatever we can to reach these people with our message.
Information products are an incredible way to achieve this.
Get rid of the excuses
Sadly, most will die with their message tucked safely away inside of them.
Why? Because of fear. Plain and simple as that.
If you’ve been finding excuse after excuse as to why now is not the time, you need to stop that. No one accomplishes anything by giving excuses. We only accomplish when we have compelling enough reasons to take action.
It doesn’t matter if it’s a spiritual message, health and nutrition, elderly care, or investments; if you have knowledge that can and will impact others why are you not doing everything in your power to reach these people?
When I ask this question, I’m blown away by the excuses. Truth be told, there are plenty of excuses to go around; no time, it needs to be perfect, I don’t know where to begin, it’s easy for others because they know what they are doing and on and on.
Every single person who took the stage during Internet Prophets started right where others start; at the beginning. But we quit making excuses. We got in the game.
Leave your legacy
Those who will leave an incredible legacy are those who trash the excuses and find compelling reasons to start right here, right now getting your message out.
What happens though is many people create in a vacuum. They try to figure it all out by themselves. Or they complicate the issue.
When I was talking with David Riklan, creator of, he said the challenge he sees with many people is they make the process harder than it need be. And by doing this most never get even their first product off the ground.
In the years I have been teaching others to package their knowledge into information products I have seen countless otherwise extremely intelligent men and women tell themselves, “If I just learn this one more whizbang idea, everything will be perfect.”
By whiz-bang idea it could be the fancy bell that rings when you get an email. It could be the latest and greatest plugin for your blog. Maybe it’s a new app that will help you get organized.
Stop! Many of those things are a distraction. The fact is, you need to begin right here right now learning how to effectively package your knowledge in order to impact those you are meant to.
Otherwise, you’re going to have all the bells and whistles, but nothing other than a huge credit card bill to show for it.
If you’ve been thinking of creating products for a month, six months, a year or longer, isn’t it time to quit thinking about it and do it?
Many people dream of inspiring thousands upon thousands, even millions of people through their teachings.
All of us who were invited to share our insights at the Internet Prophets conference have information products.
We know the power and profit of information products.
There is only so much you can do from a stage or meeting face to face, over the phone or by way of Skype to teach and impact clients.
When your information is in a form your clients and customers can utilize it over and over, magic happens.
Think of the long-term impact you will have if others are able to learn through various types of products you create.
Join me for the journey
Isn’t it time to stop thinking about this and make it a reality?
If you said yes, and you are done with the excuses, I want you to CLICK HERE  and get my product creation course. When you do you get a really cool bonus; time with me in Portland, Oregon on June 23rd and 24th.
That’s right. You get a seat into my live event, Connection Experience.
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Even if you can’t make the live event, what you learn in Six Figure Product Creation is life changing. If you already have the program you know what I mean.
No more excuses… the time is now!