5 seats remain for the By Invitation Only private group training product development!
When I began my career as a professional speaker in 1994, many “seasoned” speakers and trainers offered sage advice on how to build a profitable business. Not only should we treat our business like a business, in order to recession proof ourselves we were well advised to write books, develop multimedia programs and diversify our service offerings.
Looking back, I wish I would have jumped on the product development bandwagon a lot sooner than I did. I was into my business a few years before I developed my first information product. Immediately, I saw the advantages. I get paid for my keynote speaking and corporate training and I could also generate revenue as a result of book sales.
Not only was this beneficial to my business, those who purchased books also benefited. They could continue the learning experience long after the training was over.
Since my first 60 minute cassette tape (yes, cassette tapes) and my first inspirational book, I have developed countless information products including eBooks, eReports, books, multimedia programs, podcasts, teleseminars, webinars, mentoring courses, home study courses and much more.

I can’t begin to imagine how different my business would be if I didn’t have information products. One, lots of people would not be able to learn at their own pace with any number of my resources. Two, I generate thousands upon thousands of dollars from products.
In the last couple of years, while many solopreneurs have had a tough time generating revenue, my business has continued to grow. This has also been the case for many of my colleagues. The reason?  All of us have products we make available to our clients and customers.
The fact is, for virtually any speaker, author, coach or consultant, if you are not in the game of product development, you are leaving untold amounts of money on the table. You are also doing your market a disservice by not providing various options (and price points) on how they can obtain your knowledge, thus improving their knowledge and skill base.
The best part of all is you create an unbelievable safety net for your business by generating multiple streams of revenue.
Over the last few years I have worked with lots of people on their product development. Everything from concept and development to marketing and beyond. Most of these people had never developed anything until they learned my formula.
For the first time ever I am offering a “by invitation only” private group coaching session called How to Build A Highly Profitable Online Business with Information Products.
The first announcement about this opportunity was made to those who were on my teleseminar on Thursday of this past week. Initially, I had 75 spots available for the private group coaching call. Now, I have only 5.
This private training takes place on Thursday, January 7th at 10 a.m. PST (that’s 1 p.m. EST).
During this private session you will learn:
One thing you must do that will assure successful product launches
My simple formula for developing your first product… FAST!
How to develop HOT topics that people eagerly pay for
How to make money even if you don’t have an opt-in subscriber list
How to find hot buyers for your information products
How to know what your market wants and what they are willing to pay for
You will also be able to submit your most pressing questions before and during the session. Learn from one of the most successful information product experts, me!
There are 5 spots left for this private coaching session. Don’t delay, when the spots are filled, registration will be closed.
All you have to do is join my VIP Club (and do so before I fill 75 spots) and you will receive your private invitation. The call will be recorded and ONLY available to VIP members. I will not be making this available to any others.
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p.s. The private session will NOT be available to anyone but VIP members.
p.s.s If you want to learn from someone who has “been there, done that” this program is for you.
p.s.s. If investing less than a dollar a day is appealing to you, this program is for you.
Go to http://www.streetsmartsmarketing.com/VipClub.htm
Person of the Year
Every so often something happens that renders me speechless. Just such an occurrence took place when Lynne Klippel and Christine Kloser of Love Your Life Publishing announced that I was selected their Person of the Year for 2009.
“Kathleen Gage, the Street Smarts Marketer, has been crowned the Love Your Life Publishing Person of the Year, for having the biggest positive impact on our business in 2009.”
I want to thank Lynne and Christine for this recognition.
To hear a recent interview I had with Lynne and Christine click here.
 A gift of joy that will last a lifetime
Ed Osworth is doing something pretty amazing. In light of how much worry and stress people around the globe live with each and every day, Ed is giving away copies of his book, Unstoppable Joy.

Ed’s book is filled with information that will show you how to live a life of unlimited happiness. “Happiness is a choice. It is made in our moment by moment decisions and what we focus on,” says The Happiness Coach.
Don’t let the simplicity of his methods fool you. They are some of the most powerful you will find.  These simple secrets have turned his life (and the lives of his readers and students) from stressed out misery to daily joy and delight.
Ed decided the best way insure that everyone has access to this valuable information giving his book away! He is committed to empowering millions of people from around the globe to live a life where every day is delightful and fulfilling. He claims most folks are steadfastly seeking misery for themselves in world that can be overflowing with Joy.
To get a free copy click here.
Also feel free to pass this link around to your friends, Twitter, Facebook., Myspace etc and gift them a copy as well.