Blog tours are an excellent way for experts who write books to gain lots of visibility for their craft. Add to a blog tour, podcast interviews and you have a highly effective strategy for visibility.
The more visibility an author has, the more likely they are to sell lots of books.
There are lots of great ways to market your book.  One of my favorites is with a blog tour.

What is a Book Blog Tour?

Let’s start with getting clear on exactly what a blog tour is. More specifically, A Virtual Book Tour.
A Virtual Book Blog Tour is much like a traditional book tour, except the stops are all virtual. Instead of going from bookstore to bookstore, the author goes from blog to blog.

  1. A virtual blog tour is a tour of various blogs and websites. It is recommended to post on blogs that have a similar readership as those who would be interested in your book.
  2. A blog tour is a great opportunity for an author to reach high numbers of potential book buyers and readers.
  3. A blog tour contains blog posts, interviews, reviews and/or guest posts that are posted to a series of blogs during a specific period of time.
  4. A blog tour can be done live where the author actually visits each blog and answers questions by the host. You can also do a tour where your information is submitted ahead of time in order that you have greater reach without be restricted by the clock.
  5. Virtual blog tours are a wonderful alternative to a “live” bookstore tour. There’s no travel involved and costs are minimal.

Other Benefits of Blog Tours

  1. List building – this is among one of the nicest benefits. When done right, you can drive traffic to an opt-in page, website or blog.
  2. Visibility – this is definitely a plus. The more visible you are, the more books you are likely to see.
  3. Position Authority – when you are able to position yourself as an authority, you have greater influence AND consumers are more likely to purchase your book.

Compliment Blog Tours With Podcast Interviews

Although it WILL take outstanding organizational and planning skills, to compliment your Blog Tour with podcast interviews is a powerful combination for exposure.
Start with the end in mind. When, specifically, will your book be released? Knowing this allows you to schedule in as many guest blog appearances and interviews during a concentrated period of time.
Imagine what would happen if you were to have several posts a day show up as well as several interviews. The beauty of using both methods is with the blog posts, those can be submitted weeks, even months, ahead of the projected release date. You simply need to make sure your blog host knows about your launch.
It’s the same with the podcast interviews. Many hosts prerecord their shows. With the right planning, you could literally have several interviews a day hit the iTunes airwaves.
Of course, there will be many hosts who do their shows live, but again, with proper planning, you would literally be seen and heard “everywhere.”

Find Podcast Opportunities

To get the most out of your writing efforts, put time aside to seek out interview opportunities.
Not sure how to go about finding opportunities, knowing how to prepare for a show, or what to do following your appearance?
Access my FREE checklist for Podcast Interviews. This is a brand new resources and yours at no cost.