Are you looking for ways to increase you reach through the power of podcast appearances? Maybe you have a show and you are looking to increase eyes and ears you reach with your message.
When you consider the amount of time it takes to produce an episode, to not be proactive in promotions is counterproductive. Regardless of whether you are the host or guest, be proactive in your marketing.

Production Considerations

The process for bringing a show to listeners and viewers is as follows:

  1. Book the guest – there is time involved in finding experts who are a great fit for your audience. With one expert for my show, Plant Based Eating for Health, we exchanged a minimum of eight messages back and forth. At times, it takes only a couple of messages while other times, several more.
  2. Record the session. Based on your show determines how long this will take.
  3. Edit the episode. Obviously, the longer the episode, the longer the time it takes to edit. Many hosts prefer to do their own editing, while others will outsource.
  4. Create the show notes, blog post and graphics.
  5. Upload to various platforms. For Plant Based Eating for Health the episodes are uploaded onto my hosting platform, YouTube and on my blog. The hosting platform “feeds” the episode to various locations including iTunes.
  6. A simple promotions strategy is to post the permalink from the episode on all my social media platforms. In addition, send an email announcing the episode to my subscribers.

The best part of posting the episode on the various platforms allows for extended reach.


Here’s what it looks like. My most recent episode on Plant Based Eating for Health was with Ashley James of Learn True Health.
With each of these, I can do ongoing promotions.
What are you doing to promote episodes you are a featured expert on or shows you are the host of? Keep in mind, this is an ongoing process.
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