Donny Makower is a business leader and marketing veteran who realigned his personal and professional endeavors around plant-based, cruelty-free living. His expertise centers around building organizations, developing, and executing brand strategies, digital marketing, and creating effective customer experiences.

He is the Chairman of the Board of The Gentle Barn Foundation.  

With support from those committed to their mission, they work hard each day to create a kinder world by rescuing animals, giving them sanctuary at The Gentle Barn, and healing children through telling the animals’ stories.


As the founder and CEO of RDCL Superfoods, Donny is committed to raising awareness about healthy food choices, compassion to animals and being kind to environment. RDCL Superfoods is an innovative new brand that makes plant-based superfood products. 

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Donny was previously the President & Co-Founder of RED Interactive Agency, a premier digital marketing agency, which he successfully sold. His clients included a wide variety of influential global brands, such as Samsung, Netflix, Disney, Under Armour, and Audi.

TEDx Talk: “The Blindspot of Compassion – A Case for Vegan Living”