Imagine being able to get your message out to hundreds, even thousands, of potential clients in one fell swoop. Now imagine, because of the platform you use, being viewed as the go-to expert. Now imagine being able to do this without leaving the comfort of your home.
How is this possible? With podcast appearances.
Hands down, podcast shows offer one of the best opportunities to get in front of your target market in the easiest way possible.
In as little as an hour, you can get your message out around the globe.


There are definitely lots of great benefits to podcast appearances. Three of my favorite are…

  • Reach a very targeted market
  • Increase your credibility and expert status
  • Drive traffic to your website, blog, YouTube channel, or ethical bribe

To get the most out of any appearances it is highly recommended to promote the shows you are on.

  • Post show link on your social media platforms
  • Send out an announcement to your subscribers
  • Add to your email signature
  • Transcribe and create a blog post or article out of the transcripts.

I love the idea of transcribing interviews and turning the transcripts into articles and blog posts. Check out  for some free time on your first job.
Be sure to review the transcripts and clean them up to create a really nice article.

Downside of Podcast Show Appearances

The #1 downside of finding podcast shows to appear on is the amount of time it takes to find great opportunities. To address this challenge, I have created a directory filled with 162 shows that seek experts.