In two days I fulfill a goal I set six months ago…. my first ever Sprint Triathlon. Mind you, doing this at the age of 64 was not something I would have imagined when I was in my 20’s, 30’s, 40’s or even my 50’s.

It happened rather by chance. Well, not so much chance, but by my life evolving in a way that, on some levels, is surprising.

Roller Coaster

Like many people, my life has been a combination of ups and downs. At times it was like being on a roller coaster.

My downs hit a rock bottom place in my twenties when, through a series of poor choices, I ended up without a roof over my head. Yup! I ended up on the streets.

Many a day I wondered how I ended up in the mess I did. I wanted to blame everything outside of myself. My ex husband, the economy, my lack of education (I barely made it through high-school), my parents, whatever…

It was always something outside of myself. It wasn’t until I took a deep look at the choices I made that I was able to accept the fact that where I ended up had more to do with my thinking and beliefs than any outside factor.

Once I had this revelation, things began to change. Not dramatically, but enough to where I could accept that in order for things to change, I had to be willing to change. Simple. Not necessarily easy, but very, very simple.

Change your actions…change your reality

The first thing I needed to do was determine what I wanted to change. That wasn’t easy because just about everything needed to change. My living situation. My finances. My friends (or lack there of). My health.

Fast forward 35 years. Today, my life is hardly recognizable to what it was in my twenties. That’s likely true for most people, but for some, it’s more evident than for others.

Today, I realize who I am and what I experience today, what I believe today is based on what I did yesterday. Granted, the past does not equal the future (Thanks Tony Robbins for this insight), but the actions I took yesterday led me to where I am today.

In the past I had very few goals other than how I was going to survive the day. Today, I love looking to the future. I love the idea that there is more to life than what I am currently experiencing. I love pushing my limits… on all levels.

Become More

I know that in order to achieve more, I have to become more. I have to push my limits. I have to set outrageous goals, but I also have to take small steps that lead to a big outcome… like train for six months to cross the finish line in two days.

As I’ve shared my journey with others, many people have expressed an interest in also pushing their own limits. They’ve said they want to do more with their life than they are currently giving themselves permission for.

30-Day Turnaround

I love when this happens. And…because I know how powerful it is to surround ourselves with those who will lift us up, hold us accountable and pull our covers, I will soon be starting a 30-day Turnaround Program.

There is no charge for this program. Many updates will be posted on the Passion for Thriving blog. We will have a few conference calls… and no, they won’t be recorded. If you can make it to the live calls, great. If not, you’ll miss the call. Simple as that.

You might be wondering why they won’t be recorded. It’s for one simple reason, success is not always convenient. We make choices based on priorities.

If you’re interested in joining the 30-day Turnaround Program all you need do is add your name and email address at the top of this page. You will receive updates as I post them.

The program will begin in August, 2018.

Before joining in, think about one thing you would like to accomplish. What is it that would make your life better? What is a stretch but not so much of a stretch it’s not realistic?

For example, if your goal has to do with finances and right now you are $25,000 in debt and you set a goal of making a million in the 30 days, that’s likely not going to happen. But if you set a goal of chunking down your debt by $5,000 that definitely could happen.

Another example, if you’re 50 pounds overweight it’s realistic to set a goal of dropping 10 pounds in 30 days but not realistic to lose all 50.

Not only do you want to be realistic, you do want to stretch yourself.

So be sure to add your name and email to the box above. I’d love to have you join in.