Many experts think it would be great to book lots of podcast interviews in order to make a pitch. My response to doing this is… DON’T!
Podcast interviews are not meant for you to pitch your stuff. They are designed for you to create value for the audience.
It’s really that simple. The more value you create, the more likely it is that audience members will visit your website, blog and social media platforms to learn even more about you.
Blatantly selling on a show is, in most circles, a huge NO-NO! Don’t do it.

Create Massive Value

Rather, think in terms of how you can create massive value for the listeners. What tips, insights and strategies can you share and teach that will make people say, “Wow! This person really knows their stuff. I want more.” The desire for more will likely end them up on your website.
Which brings me to the next point. When a host asks you, “How can people learn more about you?” don’t give a bunch of URLs and social media links. Nope, give one location that’s easy for people to remember… like your web address.
Have your site prepared for visitors. What this simply means is, have links on your site to other locations they can find you.
I love working with experts, teaching them how to get the greatest visibility for their information. One way I do this is with the 100 Club. Click here for information.

Benefits of Training

Yesterday, we finished up the most recent 100 Club. When I asked participants what the greatest benefit of the training/mastermind is, the response was unanimous.
1. Insights like what I’ve outlined in this message.
2. Bouncing ideas off of all the members of the mastermind
3. One on one coaching time with me
4. Getting a couple shows booked for them by my team
There’s more and when you go to  you can read about the next training/mastermind. We begin on September 10th. Four spots are still open. Will you be one of the four?
If you’ve got an important message to get out to market… podcast interviews are a great way to do this.