Rebel: a person who rises in opposition or armed resistance against an established government or ruler.

We often romance the idea of rebels in history. Yet, to meet a rebel currently making waves that are destined to go down in history, is an experience like none other.

Such was the case when I sat down with London Todd for a raw discussion on the vegan lifestyle, animal compassion and why we must all take action now to be a part of the change we wish to see.

Author and advocate, London Todd (Sinclair) pulls back the covers on the history of what it means to be vegan. A prolific writer, London Todd is the Founder of the Rebel Vegan Life movement. Digging deep into the history of the vegan movement, London Todd is a history buff who puts his passion about veganism into a delightful perspective, shining a light on what’s to come.

His Rebel Vegan Life books–REBEL VEGAN LIFE: A Radical Take on Veganism for a Brave New World, REBEL VEGAN LIFE: An Essential Plant-Based Nutrition & Survival Guide for Beginners, and REBEL VEGAN LIFE: The Ultimate Travel Guide for Plant-Based Adventures in a Brave New World—are essential how-to guides for creating a vital vegan life in the post-pandemic world. Follow him on Facebook and Instagram @RebelVeganLife.

REBEL VEGAN LIFE: A Radical Take on Veganism is the first book to re-evaluate and examine why veganism matters in this post-pandemic brave new world.

REBE VEGAN not only offers a radical take on veganism with our openness and all-embracing philosophy but also with our novel perspective. Our most revolutionary act is reappraising the vegan movement for these unforeseen times, creating the first post-pandemic analysis of why veganism matters. So, while bringing the debate up to date, we also make the issues relevant and actionable for a brave new world. 
The companion book, REBEL VEGAN LIFE: A Pant-Based Nutritional Guide, is more nuts & bolts and a practical resource on how to incorporate veganism into your daily life and build a fully cruelty-free & sustainable lifestyle.

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