Recently I spoke to a woman who went through my Street Smarts mentoring course. She called very excited to let me know she implemented one of the ideas and her database doubled almost instantly. Another woman I spoke with had a 20% increase by applying a similar idea. I was as thrilled as they were with their results.
Want to know what they did? They put an opt in box on their website.
After talking with both these women I decided to do some “spying” on sites from others who have gone through my program. Alas, I felt a pang of frustration when I saw that several people have not implemented this one thing that is going to make all the difference in the world when it comes to your database.

The fact is, when people come to your site, you have only seconds to capture their attention. If they leave and you haven’t gotten their information (at least email and name) you likely have lost the chance forever.
A good conversion rate of visitors to opt in subscribers is 10 – 12%. Let’s say you have 500 visitors a month to your website. (You get the visitors a number of ways including article distribution, forum groups, blogging, etc.) That would equal 50 – 60 people who would leave you their information.
50 – 60 people who obviously have an interest in your information. 50 – 60 people who could turn into paying customers. 50 – 60 people who are searching for what you have and will go elsewhere to find it if you don’t keep your name in front of them.
Imagine how much money you could make, how many people you could influence with your information and how much easier your life would be by building a database of people who want your products and services?
The first step, the only step at this point, is to make sure your site is ready to receive their information. Make it a priority. You will be glad you did.
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