the last few weeks I have spent a great deal of time with my folks due to my
father’s health. To say I am grateful to be in a position to do this is to
minimize how I feel. I am overjoyed, grateful and most of all, relieved.


am able to literally “pick up and go” due to the way I have structured my
business over the last few years.


I began my company over 15 years ago, little did I know that at some point I
could literally do business from anywhere in the world as long as I am able to
access the Internet.


have had lots of people tell me how lucky I am to be able to do this. Do I feel
lucky? Absolutely!


it simply luck that made this possible? Not at all.


had to do with having the desire to create the type of business and lifestyle
that at one point I only dreamed of.


people ask me how I have been able to do this, the long and short of it is I
learned from some of the very best mentors on how to structure my business so
that even when I am not present I can make money.


the years I have spent thousands upon thousands of dollars to learn how to do
this. Truth be told, I continue to invest in my knowledge base. I am fully
aware that I must continually learn.


the time I have been attending to my father’s health needs I have purchased everything
from $10 reports to programs costing hundreds of dollars. I have listened to
hours upon hours of information via DVD, CDs and MP3s. I have also read
hundreds of pages of information that is allowing me to take my business to an
even more sustainable level.


down, the way a business becomes sustainable is by packaging one’s information
and providing products that you can sell from a website or blog.


the last few weeks I have not been in a position to do any live events such as teleseminars
or webinars. If you know anything about me, you know I offered anywhere from a handful
of teleseminars in a month to dozens in a month.


I could have done them, but my focus has been with family.


I continue to watch sales come through due to the information products I have developed.


thing I am completely sure of is that I am very qualified to write and sell
this information. Everything contained in each report comes from real life
experience that has made me hundreds of thousands of dollars each year for the
last few years.


on the fact that I have successfully generated lots of money with the very
information I teach and I continually have people asking what the formula is, I
continually package my information.


the last couple of months I developed four products that my market has been
asking for. Beyond market need I developed these products for a few reasons.


1.    All information
contained in these info products is the very information I have used over the
years to continually generate great revenues.

2.    The information has
been used by many of my clients to generate great revenues in their businesses.

3.    I have suspended teleseminars
and webinars for an indefinite period of time due to family health concerns.

4.    Lots of people
crave this information and want to get it in a VERY affordable format.

5.    My one-on-one
private mentoring costs thousands of dollars. Not only is this out of range for
many people, currently I am not taking on any new clients and have no idea when
I will decide to do so again.


you have been looking for great information that is amazingly affordable, then
these products are for you.


of the information products have been developed as eReports (each with over 50
pages of great information). Each comes with an audio recording of a live teleseminar.


fourth product is a radio directory with nearly 100 web based radio shows
seeking great guests. This is Version III.


can guarantee you there is nothing on the market today that contains this much
information for the low price you pay. And…the information works.


can’t even begin to tell you how comforting it is to know that even when I can’t
(or don’t want to) work, I can still generate great revenue.


would your life change if you could do the same? With the information I have
packaged in a very usable format, you can be well on your way to doing the


just one caveat; you MUST take action on the information. When you do you will
be amazed at your results.


what is available.


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