Podcasting is hot. People from around the globe are jumping in on the podcast space at record speeds.
Yet, as quickly as some people join in, they quit. Why? Because they aren’t experience much success at all with their efforts.
There’s a simple reason for t#3his; they don’t realize there’s more to the process than putting up a podcast episode.
A little over a month ago I launched Power Up for Profits Podcast show. Within a week the show hit #3 in two huge categories; education and careers.
This didn’t happen by chance or by luck. It happened because I learned what to do, how to do it and did it based on what I learned from one of the sharpest minds in the podcasting space, John Lee Dumas.John Lee Dumas
John is one flipping amazing podcaster and holds nothing back when he teaches others what to do.
Best part of all, you can sign up for his FREE webinar to learn a ton about podcasting. This is a great opportunity to see if adding podcasting to your business model is a great fit.
Check it out by clicking here. You have nothing to lose and a ton of great information to gain.
If you’ve been looking for something to position yourself as a thought leader, podcasting might just be it.
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