Did you know that most people who attempt to host teleseminars do not succeed at the level they could? There are a number of reasons for this. Many I will be sharing with you during the Tuesday, August 5th teleseminar.
Something that many people don’t do is offer a learning guide. Especially for free sessions. This can be a huge mistake. Why? Because when you offer a learning guide you are creating added value.
A well structured learning guide serves several purposes.

1. It is an easy to use document for your participants to take notes.
2. It creates greater perceived value.
3. It can double as a marketing tool.
For anyone who has registered for my FREE teleseminar, The Truth about Making Money with Teleseminars, they receive a learning guide for the session. If you go to http://www.streetsmartsmarketing.com/teleseminarPV.htm you can register and access the learning guide for The Truth about Making Money with Teleseminars.
I would invite you to notice what I have added to the document.
1. Call in details including title of session, date and time, and webcast and call in information.
2. The primary points of what I will cover. This gives participants a great idea of what they will learn.
3. A bit of information about me on the last page of the learning guide. When you add something like this, you establish more credibility.
Why am I telling you this? Because my goal is that you learn fantastic insider information on how to create, develop, market and implement money-making teleseminars. Teleseminars that can realize you thousands (even tens of thousands) of dollars in high-profit revenue.
The type of learning guide you provide for a free session will obviously be different from the ones you provide for a paid session. In my paid sessions learning guides can be as many as 25 – 100 pages plus in length.
To join in on the teleseminar, be sure to register and download your learning guide before Tuesday’s session. If you are familiar with my events you know you are in for a very content-filled session. If you are not familiar with my work, please take the time to read the last page, visit my website and blog and check me out. (Links are at the bottom of each page)
I am very confident once you do, you will be glad you registered for the session. http://www.streetsmartsmarketing.com/teleseminarPV.htm
In success,
Kathleen Gage
The Street Smarts Marketer