Are you trying to build your consulting or coaching business? Want more speaking opportunities? Looking for collaborative partnerships? If you answered yes, then pick up the phone.

That’s right. The good old phone.
It’s amazing how many people avoid making prospect calls as if they are avoiding the plague.
Regardless of what industry you’re in, reaching out by phone (on a consistent basis) will likely result in business.

Slow Times Create Phone Time

If business is slow, why not use your “dead time” to call people you’ve worked with in the past? Or, you can go through that pile of business cards you picked up at the last three networking meetings you attended that you promised yourself weeks ago you would get to soon. Or, you can reach out to podcast show hosts to inquire about being a featured expert on their show. Or you can reach out to conference meeting planners to begin the conversation about you being a speaker at their next conference.
Whatever your goals in business, it’s likely you’ll get there a lot faster by picking up the phone.

Have a Plan

Rather than take a haphazard approach to the process, put a plan in place.
Take good notes, use a good CRM system and document your conversation.
For example, yesterday I called at least 20 people who attended a recent presentation I did.
As a result of using my time to make follow-up calls, I set up several meetings, sent my information to a conference meeting planner and promised a follow up call with three people.
Calling that many people requires having a great system in place to keep track of conversations. Rather than hope I will remember what was said on each conversation, I took detailed notes. My notes included highlights of what I talked about with each person, follow up plans and details on what information I sent to specific individuals.
These are just a few Sales Prospecting Tips. For more, check out 16 Sales Prospecting Tips to Crush Your Next Call

Creating a successful business, or book of business, does not happen by chance. It happens by being focused on an outcome. Making calls on a daily basis will result in more business. It’s simple mathematics.