Over the weekend I visited a fun community called, Sisters. It is located near Bend, Oregon.
The town is definitely geared towards tourists with dozens of fun and unique gift shops, restaurants and art galleries. I enjoyed the day with two close friends; Carole Rozek of Opportunity Barks and Lorraine Cohen.
Lorraine flew in for the Grand Opening of Opportunity Barks. What an amazing event it was.
But I digress. Back to Sisters, Oregon. Out of all the shops we visited, the most memorable is Donterra Artworks. From the moment we walked in there was a great “feel” to the place.
Not only did Terra the owner take time to give a warm welcome, she took time to have a neighborly conversation. When I asked how business is she said it is incredible.
Our conversation moved into the direction of how our thoughts, beliefs and actions are powerfully influential on our reality. She said that for years she had the dream of opening a shop just like she has and when she finally made the decision, took the action and believed it was possible things fell into place.
Terra’s main objective for her guests is to create an inviting, warm and unique experience from the moment one sees her store, steps foot over the threshold and strolls from area to area in her shop. She has masterfully accomplished this.
It is evident that Terra’s creation didn’t happen by chance, but rather by vision and action.
There are plenty of people who are having a similar experience as Terra.  When you ask them how business is they say, “Great.”
Then there are those who continue to affirm how bad things are, business is slow, no one is buying anything and on and on. And guess what? For them, things are bad. Not to invalidate anyone’s experience, but the fact is… that which we focus on grows.
One person who knows how important focus is, is my friend Sam Crowley. Sam is one of the most energetic guys I know. His whole purpose is to put a spark under the backside of others and get them to take action on their dreams. When you hear his story you will know why he is so passionate about doing this.
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When Sam first told me he was doing this I thought he was kidding. Just to check it out I ordered the program and guess what, other than a small shipping and handling fee, I got the program of 6 CDs and a great learning guide shipped to my home.
Why is Sam doing this? Because he is committed to impacting the lives of as many people as he possibly can in the most affordable way possible.
If you’re ready to take your life into your own hands, I urge you to get this program right away. Sam is not only inspiring, he has a gift for giving out practical information that you can put into action right away.
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