What are you saying to yourself?
from featured expert, Jeannette Koczela

We go around all day with an inner voice that is talking to us.  This is called self-talk and for the most part it is unconscious.  When you are learning to use the Law of Attraction to attract your desires it’s important to become aware of your self-talk and guide it more consciously so it works in your favor.
Here is an excerpt from the chapter on self-talk in Jeannette Koczela’s new book, “Money Mindset Makeover:”
You can use your self-talk to apply the principles of the Law of Attraction. You do have a choice—to focus on mere appearances or focus on the underlying truth.  You can make this choice by deciding what you say to yourself.  Your self-talk determines your mindset.  Your mindset determines your power to attract.
What is your self-talk or inner voice saying?

  •  Are you telling yourself that your desires are on their way to you, or are you telling yourself that you will never have enough money?
  •  Are you telling yourself that you can create your wealth, or are you telling yourself that you can’t get out of the financial struggle mode?

This is where positive thinking comes into play.  You can admit to yourself the truth—that the universe is on your side, that the universal substance wants to deliver your desires to you, that your natural state is one of abundance. Wallace Wattles, in his book, “The Science of Getting Rich,” is emphatic on this point:
“ The thinking substance is friendly to you and is more anxious to give you what you want than you are to get it.” -Wallace Wattles
Do you realize the implications of this statement? This means that whatever you decide that you want, you have a friendly, all-powerful ally—“the universal substance.”  Its desires are your desires; it wants what you want.  What can you do to harness this great power to your benefit?
The mentor of Napoleon Hill and Earl Nightingale tells us that you must act, speak, and think as if you are already rich. Have you ever tried this?
It is a necessary step in the process.  It is putting yourself into your dream.  And it all goes back to trust.  Do you trust that the universe is friendly to your plans to get rich?  If you do, then you can act like it.
If you were already rich, how would you think and talk and act?    What would you say to yourself?  To others?  Wattles said simply to believe that you are getting your desires, and consider it done.
You can start reminding yourself that wealth is on its way to you.  Have that quiet assurance that everything has been put in motion for you to get rich—because, in reality, you ARE getting rich.  This is how you can use your self-talk to make your money mindset makeover.
Your mind listens to your words and then creates that reality. That’s why your self-talk is so important.  Your thoughts are powerful, and your internal dialogue is even more powerful.
Jeannette Koczela began her career as an Impressionist oil painter and has exhibited all over the country. A growing interest in computers led her to become a graphic and web designer. These businesses combined her talents and interests for many years.
Then she discovered her passion for life coaching and found that after a decade of casually coaching colleagues, she decided to train to be a certified spiritual life coach.
Her coaching business, Empowered Spirit Coaching, teaches people to partner with Spirit and raise their vibration to a place of empowerment so they can attract more ideal clients and grow their business. She has created several coaching programs, a home study course, and is a published author. Being highly sought after for her insights and coaching abilities, Jeannette is also the founder of the “International Association of Professional Life Coaches,” a premiere professional membership and online directory for life coaches.
The metaphysical and esoteric has always interested Jeannette and she has practiced Transcendental Meditation for 35 years. She is a member of the Invincible America Assembly, a group of 2000 people who meditate together daily for world peace.
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