Most authors have the desire to sell lots of books. The challenge for many is the marketing. How do to it.  When to do it. And how to do so cost effectively.
Here are a few tips on how you can market effectively to sell more books… and lots of them. First, you have to know who is interested in your topic. From there, you must plan out a book marketing campaign.
There are three phases to a successful campaign

  • Phase I Pre launch preparation
  • Phase II Launch
  • Phase II Post launch

Setting a success time line

Giving yourself enough time to handle all the details of the campaign is essential to your success. It is better to take as much time as you need to do things right rather than rushing through and experiencing less than stellar results.
Where to sell
Not only do you want to think in terms of selling books from a website, blog or online book stores, but also by creating opportunities.
Many authors realize that if they get speaking engagements they could sell lots of books. However, many organizations don’t have budgets for speakers due to tight economic times.

There is a solution
In a downturn economy where budgets are really tight, you can offer to speak for free as long as you can sell from the platform. You would be amazed at how much money can be generated this way.
If your book is a self help, business, spiritual or virtually any topic that can be developed into a workshop you host your own free one hour presentation, fill your room with attendees who are interested in your topic, bundle the book with a one day (or more) workshop and up-sell from the platform.
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