This presentation is to show you how to take one piece of information and re-purpose it into a number of formats to get  a lot of traction online in the shortest period of time with optimal results.
There are three main things you want to look at.

  • The topic
  • The locations
  • The efficiency of what you’re doing

You must offer something that is of interest to your market in locations where they “hang out.”
You start by doing a short presentation into something like Dragon or Windows Speech recognition. All you need is some type of inexpensive microphone to do this.
You will need to clean the information up as there are likely to be some glaring mistakes. Once you clean it up you can use as is or if you want to rerecord it with anything you added in for a clean recording.

  • By doing it this way you have your transcripts done immediately.
  • You then turn the transcripts into articles and the articles into blog posts.
  • Post a short description with the permalink onto Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • You take snippets out of the articles/blog posts to create tweets.
  • You can put the main points on slides and upload to Slide Share.
  • You can record a short presentation and create a video to go on YouTube.
  • You can put the audio file up as a Podcast onto ITunes.

If you don’t want to do all the detail work, start with a recording that you send to a VA to transcribe. They then do all the other steps such as creating articles and blog posts, tweets, a SlideShare presentation, a short video to go on YouTube.
All in all, this should take no longer than 20 – 30 minutes. The amount of reach and SEO you will get is beyond anything you likely are doing at this time. However, be sure you know who your ideal client is and what keywords they will be searching on. Otherwise, you may be getting lots of information out to the wrong market. Then your efforts are for naught.
Try this for 30 days and see what happens to your rankings.
What are some of your strategies to get more visibility. Comments welcome.