Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a featured expert on a highly viewed podcast show? Want to share your message from the comfort of your home or office? On a mission to influence people with your message?
My featured expert is a favorite show host who has great insights on what it takes to get on shows.

Paul Edwards is an international bestselling author and host of the Influencer Networking Secrets Podcast Show, featuring interviews with some of the world’s most successful speakers, authors, business leaders and influencers.
He is the architect and founder of the Business Beyond Business Mastermind, a strategic connector mastermind group that incorporates teaching, mentoring and accountability for the Radically Generous Entrepreneur.
When you read and follow Paul’s “3M” advice, you’ll become a Magnetic source of guidance, wisdom and accountability; a Magnanimous source of generosity, fellowship and coaching; and a Marketable source of entrepreneurship, small business and social innovation. Paul is a fitness buff who has a lot of wisdom when it comes to podcasting and getting on podcast shows.
During his interview you will find out what a “serial guest” is. During this conversation we talked about pro-bono publicity, becoming a serial guest, trends in the world of podcasting and how to identify an influencer.
Here are a few of his insights.
• Build relationships is the Golden Rule Marketing Podcast
• Podcast interviews are great for pro-bono publicity
• You must stand for something… as the saying goes, “If you stand for nothing, you fall for everything.”
• It’s better to have a small, dedicated following, than a huge fickle following.
• Build your own following right to attract the kind of people who hear what you say, resonate with it and say, I’m sticking around this person.
• What is your unique message? Even if you’re in a very popular market, when you have a unique message and twist, you have a good chance of getting an interview.
• No matter where you are in the interview process, you have to start. Start right where you are. Get a dedicated following of people who really like you and support your work.
• Use a unique approach when inquiring about being on a show. Find out what one guest did that Paul absolutely loved.