What started as simple curiosity and a desire to share a message of hope for women of faith soon became a deep friendship, business partnership and commitment to doing all possible to improve the health of women attracted to the mission of Sersie Blue and Gigi Carter.





Both women are incredibly passionate about sharing the message about the intersection of faith and health based on prayer, meditation and a plant based diet.


Gigi’s Journey


Gigi’s health journey began in 2007 when she was diagnosed with high cholesterol. At the age of 35 she had the arteries of someone much older. Her doctor immediately recommended statins to which Gigi chose a different path.

After a great deal of trial and error, much of it due to misinformation from medical professionals, she came upon the world of Dr. Dean Ornish.

Although the information from Dr. Ornish made sense, Gigi had not yet reached a point where she was willing to let go of some of the very foods that were preventing her from living in the healthiest way possible with cheese being the most difficult to let go of.  

It was when she connected the dots on how she felt when she would come of a cleanse, eating a transition diet of vegetable broth, fresh vegetables, fruits before going back to a “normal” diet that things shifted.

Although almost 100% committed to a diet void of meat and dairy, it was when she watched Forks Over Knives and Earthlings that she vowed to never consume meat and dairy again.


Her choice is not only about her own health, but the well being of the animals.

Sersie’s Journey

Sersie’s story of going plant based began in 2010. Pregnant with her second child, she was diagnosed with high-blood pressure. Doing extensive research, she discovered that

African-American women have higher rates of high blood pressure. She also learned that when you have high blood pressure during pregnancy, you’re more likely to have complications before, during and after your pregnancy.

Unaware of the severity of her health, she had complications during delivery. Her son lost oxygen to the brain for an extended period. This resulted in the need for 24/7 care and the untimely passing of her baby the following year.

The loss was followed by depression, weight gain, and using foods to self-medicate. A friend reached out and recommended Sersie join her for the Daniel Fast. Not sure if she had the energy to do a fast, she initially resisted, but her friend continued to encourage her.

Sersie conceded to her friend and decided to give it her all. Within 30 days, she lost all the weight she gained as well as gaining spiritual and mental clarity. The best part of all is her blood pressure was reversed and she felt better than she had in a long, long time.

It was very clear to her that there is a definite connection between one’s health, focus, mindset, spirituality and what they consume.


What is the Daniel Fast?


Sersie’s synopsis of the fast is this… Daniel was told to eat the king’s diet, which was meat, wine and all this other stuff. Daniel said, “Listen, if you give me 10 days to eat only a plant based diet, I will then eat according to what you ask.”

Basically, Daniel was putting a clean diet to the test. Daniel found ten friends to join him for ten days.

Not only were they more focused, but they were also stronger, healthier and smarter.

The diet also includes prayer and meditation.


A Partnership Is Formed


Based on the immediate connection the two had, it was apparent God had a hand in this. Together they are forging the way for other women to live a life filled with joy, health, energy and a strong spiritual foundation.

To make it easy for women to make the decision to take control of their health, they offer several resources on their website including a FREE four day program, recipes, a blog, podcast interviews and more.

The following can be found at https://danielfasttohealthyliving.com/about-us/  


About Sersie Blue


Like many of you out there, Sersie Blue is an over-comer of a profound personal tragedy, which she experienced after health issues during her second pregnancy. It was in this difficult season of her life she realized a deeper need for the Lord and decided to lean into Him more and participate in a one-month Daniel Fast. Little did she know that this simple decision would transform her life. But God knew! It turns out that combining intentional prayer with a whole-food, plant-based diet was a divine bridge to a breakthrough.

From this, “The Faithful Vegan” was born. Sersie also hosts the Eat Your Best Life podcast. Seeking after God from an early age, she graduated from the University of Windsor with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications. She went on to Tyndale College & Seminary, graduating with a Master’s of Divinity in Counseling, and has also completed the health coach program from Wellcoaches at the University of North Florida. She continually seeks knowledge and wisdom that supports her personal growth and that of others. In addition, she is co-author of A Prayer for Your Health Journal.

As you can see, her passionate pursuit of God, wellness & coaching comes together in co-founding Daniel Fast: A Bridge to Healthy Living.


About Gigi Carter


With a passion for all things wellness, Gigi Carter finds her purpose in helping people come up higher in their pursuit of excellence in health and lifestyle. Her enthusiasm and expertise are evident as one of the masterminds behind the creation of Daniel Fast: A Bridge to Healthy Living.

She is Founder of My True Self, the socially conscious nutrition and wellness practice—where she serves clients as a consultant, nutritionist, and personal trainer. She achieved all of this after 22 years in corporate management roles!

She made the switch in 2016 to pursue her Master’s in nutrition sciences from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and graduated with honors. Gigi is a licensed Nutritionist in the state of Washington, and certified personal trainer and senior fitness specialist with the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

She is also the author of The Plant-Based Workplace, co-author of the children’s book The Spinach in My Teeth, and co-author of A Prayer for Your Health Journal. If you think her background is inspiring, just wait until you get to know her in the Facebook community.

Access either their Four-Day Challenge or their full program at https://danielfasttohealthyliving.com/