It’s a fact; overall health is in the pooper.

Diseases of every type are at an all time high. Diabetes, cancer and high blood pressure are off the charts.

Many people mistakenly believe there is nothing they can do about it, but in reality, they can with one simple thing; change the way they eat.

Yes! It’s really that simple.

Ditch the Diet

I’m not talking about dieting. I’m talking about a dramatic change in what you consume that is sustainable for the long term.

Imagine if you could live a life filled with health, vibrancy and energy. You can by changing to a whole foods, plant based protocol.

It’s Too Radical

“But that’s so radical!” is often the response people give for making this kind of change.

Is it? To me what’s radical is risking the need for numerous medications, the risk of heart disease that requires surgery simply to keep you alive and higher risk of various types of cancer by food choices most people make.

Change Your Eating, Change Your Health

There is plenty of scientific proof that by changing the way we eat, we CAN change our health. Additionally, there are so many “average” people who have shown, by their own food choices, they can reverse many health issues. Yet, for whatever reason, most people continue to pretend they don’t have the answer to how to live their healthiest life ever.

Or, even if they do know the answers, they are not willing to give up the very foods and lifestyle choices that keep them sick or well on their way to becoming sick.

The following comes directly out of a post called,

What Happens To Your Body When You Stop Eating Meat, Dairy & Eggs

“In general, within a couple weeks of eating a healthy whole-food, plant-based diet, it would be typical that people may enjoy improved insulin sensitivity (their insulin works better)… and their cholesterol levels may decline,” Dr. Campbell tells Bustle. “Anecdotally, some people describe improved bowel movements, improved sleep, energy, and skin quality. All of that happens within days to a couple weeks.”

Take Control of Your Health

The reality is this; we have much more control over our health than many people realize… or want to admit. Acknowledging a truth means we must now take responsibility for this awareness and the actions we take… or don’t take.

Ready to take control over your health? Join me for the 7 Day Plant Based Reboot Challenge. All details are in the Plant Based Eating for Health Facebook Group. Click here to join.