There’s no denying it, the risk of heart attack in men and women is increasing by the day. One main culprit is meat.

Cut out meat and you will begin to reduce your risk of heart attacks. According to the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine in Washington D.C., a plant-based diet was consistently linked with improved measures of heart health.

They concluded risk of death from cardiovascular disease is reduced by 40 percent by eliminating red meat. Truth be told, elimination of all types of meats as well as chicken and fish substantially reduce health risks and increase health benefits.

First Signs

According to some sources, the first indication someone has heart issues is when they drop dead from a heart attack. Yet, if one is paying attention, there are other indicators that heart problems are looming.

Common symptoms are:

    • shortness of breath
    • pressure or pain in the chest or upper abdomen
    • dizziness, lightheadedness, or fainting
    • nausea or vomiting
    • pain or discomfort in one or both arms, the back, the neck, the jaw, or the stomach
    • extreme fatigue.


Erectile Dysfunction is a Warning Sign

One symptom many men, and their spouses, overlook is erectile dysfunction. Yep! Failure, or trouble, getting an erection. Enter the little blue pill.

If doctors were willing to inform their patients of the fact that the need for Viagra (and pills just like it) is an indication of blood flow problems elsewhere in the body, they could feasibly prevent countless heart attacks.

A Man on a Mission

Rip Esselstyn has made it his personal mission to bring this fact to the light of day. In his informative TedX talk, Rip (son of Dr. Esselstyn, one of the original whistle blowers about the meat industry and how unhealthy meat actually is) is a living example of a very healthy man in all senses of the word healthy.

Rip was a professional triathlete for ten years. He then switched careers to become a firefighter. He is also an American health activist and food writer. As the author of The Engine 2 Diet, “Plant-Strong” previously published as My Beef With Meat, and “The Engine 2 Seven-Day Rescue Diet” Rip still educates firefighters about the need to be in tip top shape to do their job to the best of their ability.

One way he was able to get the attention of male firefighters reluctant to give up meat and dairy, was to bring to light the fact that eating meat minimized their ability to perform at their best in the bedroom.

He has no qualms talking about the first sign of heart disease is a man’s need to take Viagra. Erectile dysfunction is actually blockage that doesn’t allow blood flow. If it’s happening below the belt line, it’s bound to be happening above the belt line.

Rip gives great examples of how to identify the potential for heart attacks. The first, is ED.

This seems to be the thing that gets the attention of many a reluctant firefighter. His crusade has converted many meat eaters to a fully plant based diet.

His book, The 7 Day Rescue Diet; Eat Plants, Lose Weight, Save Your Health is one of the most popular plant based eating books around. Check it out.

Another book worth checking out is, Vegan Sex.  According to the authors, “ED is the leading indicator of heart disease by as much as 30 years.” Shocking, but true.

The Amazon description makes Vegan Sex a book worth reading. “Steamy, salacious and chock full of facts, figures and fantasies come true. This tell-all can be your life! Combining aerobic activity in and out of bed along with a healthy vegan diet, well … is magical! It’s time to regain your sexual health, blowout erectile dysfunction, and boost your energy. Find true health and happiness by living a complete vegan lifestyle in the comfort of your own home, specifically in the bedroom. Hear accounts from those who eat vegan and have found that it is not only a healthy eating diet, but a prescription for optimal sexual performance and yes, endurance.”

Check it out.

The bottom line is this; our bodies do give us signs of impending doom. We can choose to ignore the signs or take full responsibility for a quality of life we deserve. The choice is up to each and every one of us.