Success tip! If business is slow, or you feel like you’re just not advancing the way you want, for one week do this…
Rather than playing around on social media, watching fun videos, checking out the latest tweets that truthfully have nothing to do with improving the quality of your life, focus on building your business.
1. Make 10 calls per day to past, present and potential clients
2. Write an article specific to your expertise and providing a solution your community needs and wants
3. Work on a new product that will generate revenue
Here’s an example of a good use of time.
I’m working with one client on her short book that is actually a business card on steroids. It will be approximately 30 – 40 pages of great information that provides answers to the top 10 questions she gets asked specific to her expertise and industry.
It will have all her contact information, about her section and testimonials from happy clients.
It is a simple process that does require focus and time to get it done. However, when she has these available and she meets someone who is a great fit for what she does, rather than give them a business card, she gives them the book.
Much more beneficial to the person receiving this than a business card.
Unit cost will be under $2 each. Potential earnings from a new client is between $10,000 – $20,000.
The main thing is for her to focus on the book until it’s done.
What are you doing that will position your expertise, create massive value and generate revenues? 
Watching a cute cat video is likely not it.
Get honest with how you spend your time. The results will happily shock many people.